Review: Massage at FDL Beauty

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FDL Beauty is situated in Old Street and offers patrons hair cuts as well as a range of beauty packages; including massages. I’ve been wanting to have a massage for some time now and since Groupon had a deal going, I went ahead and bought it. The place is not far from Old Street station at all, only an 8 minute walk. It is a small parlour with two separate rooms so if you’re looking to book as a group, don’t expect to have your massages together or at the same time. I went with a couple of friends and our bookings were one after another; this was due to their layout, plus there were only two female masseuses available.

Massage room

Upon arrival, the receptionist greeted me with politeness and a big smile. I was asked about my voucher which I had totally forgot to bring since I gave my code over the phone. They didn’t seem to mind about a hard copy soon after. After filling out a form regarding health issues and and body pain, my masseuse approached me with a warm welcome and led me to one of the massaging rooms in the corner. This room was lit by candles and had soothing music playing in the background that made it very relaxing. After getting under the towel with only panties on (awkward!) I tried to calm my nerves as I had never done something like this before.

My masseuse asked if I was ticklish before we started which I answered no. She then proceeds to raises one of my legs with a rolled up towel and would move the towel back to reveal the area she wanted to work on. A full body massage includes, legs, back, arms, shoulders, neck and front chest. I was very relaxed in the room and enjoyed my massage. The pressure applied was good and not too strong to the point I was breaking. I guess I felt a little awkward when I had to lay on my back but she was very professional and gentle too.

After telling me that it was finished, she dimmed the lights and told me I could rest a few minutes before getting changed. All I wanted to do was fall asleep at that point. Lol! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will probably visit again. I read some bad reviews online when I was booking it but they were all proven wrong. I would recommend this place to anyone :)

Have you had a massage before? How did your feel about your experience?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Sounds so relaxing! I’ve been wanting to get a massage from Burke Williams for awhile now. I’ve never gotten one before. I would probably fall asleep like you wanted to, lol.

    I’m following you on bloglovin.. here’s mine :)
    Jenn~ recently posted…Father’s DayMy Profile

  • Cat

    That sounds really relaxing, and the people there seem really nice! I’ve been thinking about getting a massage, especially on my back. I’ve only had a foot massage before. I would feel awkward being undressed like that too, but I guess they’re totally used to it, haha.
    Cat recently posted…London recapMy Profile

    • It’s worth getting one to help relieve any pains or stress but it does depend on a good masseuse. I had a foot massage before and it can get painful but I was giggling so much hehe