Japan Matsuri 2014

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During the weekend I went to Japan Matsuri being held in Trafalgar Square for one day only. I had totally forgotten about this event until my friend mentioned it the evening before, so I decided to go very last minute. I managed to drag a friend along who met me there but soon found out that some other friends went too via Facebook (why you no invite me?! Hmph!)

Japan Matsuri!
I was an air hostess for a day xD
Please welcome Captain Sean! XD

The event space was large as they used up the whole of Trafalgar Square. There errent many shops to buy much from though as they were all really small and 80% of the stalls sold food. However, the queues were massive and the portion sizes were too small for my liking so Sean and I decided to eat at BiBimBap in SoHo instead.

Japanese Tableware
My panda bowls and free miso soup!

There weren’t a lot of freebies to collect so I ended up buying these cute little panda bowls from the tableware stall that I’ve been eyeing up ever since I saw their store in Hyper Japan. I also drank a lot of Yakult in one day…

We saw Kumomon
Music performance

There were a lot of performances happening on the stage including music, yukachara (mascots), dancing, drums as well as SIRO-A performing a short act ^^

We got to meet Domo-Kun!

Did you go to the event too?

With love,
Keki xoxo

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  • Joy

    It looks like it was a lot of fun!
    Those panda bowls are so flipping adorable!
    And you look so pretty in the air hostess outfit =)
    Joy recently posted…Is This Real Life?My Profile

  • Cat

    That looks like a fun event! I wish we had stuff like that here. Your air hostess uniform is very cute :)

    That’s too bad the food stands had super long lines. That photo makes me want an okonomiyaki now, haha. Also love the bowls you bought! They are adorable!
    Cat recently posted…October is hereMy Profile

    • :( They should have events like these everywhere for all to enjoy. However I know some people travel to get to these events. Thank you sweetie :D I had fun putting it on and posing ehehe.

      There’s always long queues for food :( Makes me sad for not being able to try it all!

  • Oh it seems like so much fun! Wish I could go there as well. Loving the pictures ;)
    Melissa recently posted…Kruidvat cleansing scrubgelMy Profile

  • How exciting! I love open event type things like this because there is so much to see and do (even if it just might be mostly food). Love the panda bowls, they’re super cute!
    Kristina recently posted…Mentally ExhaustedMy Profile

    • Thanks Kristina! I’ve been eyeing up those bowls. They also sell very cute Japanese style bowls and plates. I loved the ones with koi fish but they were too small for my liking hehe.

  • I LOVE the panda bowls – they are just the cutest! <3 That's such an awesome event! :D
    Mary recently posted…The week that was…My Profile

    • Thank you! <3

  • Oh wow, that looks like so much fun! I have to admit to getting trapped in one spot while scrolling past the photo of table wear as I collect some of that stuff. I hope you had a great time! :)
    Nancy recently posted…Let’s Get Personal: Why I Need Fat AcceptanceMy Profile

    • Ahahaha! I love the tableware shop since it’s all so cute!! Been eyeing it up since I first saw them in Hyper Japan!

  • This looks like an event that I would go to and drag my boyfriend along. x) Don’t you hate it when you find out your friends are having an outing through social media and you weren’t invited? D; Happened to me a couple of times too.
    I like the picture of you as an air hostess/attendant. My friend just recently got a job as one. It was her dream job and she takes pictures in her uniform. I’m kind of jealous, not only does she get to fly around and get discounts on flights, but the uniforms are quite cute!
    Ah, I want a picture with Domo-kun. x) Too bad we don’t have events like this in my city. I have a hapa friend and she even admits that the Japanese community in this city is quite small. That just means I have to get my friend to fly me to Japan haha

    • Awww, that’s a shame that you don’t have many Japan related cultural events near you :( I think all countries should have them!

      Oh it has happened many a time when I find out that I wasn’t invited to events but then again, you just go yourself and have lots of fun! I’ve known some people who gatecrash XD

      Thanks for the compliment, I think it suited me but I’m way too short to be an airhostess ^^;; I agree, their uniforms are cute!

      Hopefully in the near future you’ll get to visit Japan :D Save up!!

      Amy xoxo
      p.s. Sorry for the very late reply! >.<