My Trip to Spain

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Sue and I spent 4 days over a weekend together visiting her friend in Seville, Spain. This was a spur of the moment decision from me as I thought, “why not treat myself?”. I then got myself a new job and thought my decision in the end was a good choice. It meant I was able to relax before starting work and enjoy lovely weather compared to England.

Out at a club

Her friend Enrique and his girlfriend Lola took us around the beautiful city. We visited Italica, the Roman city ruins that was a mix of Gladiators and a jungle scene from movies. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t used as a filming location.

The art gallery was smaller than that in London but packed many paintings covering the walls that depicted the story of Christianity, as it was a Christian city.
Inside the art gallery

We also went to the royal palace on the day that the king deaomwthing the throne; which was a coincidence. Enrique’s cousin Marissa gave a professional tour of the grounds and even taught us some history about Christopher Columbus! Of only history at school was made interesting.
Happy Times on a sandy beach

Delicious food and ice cream was consumed across the 3 nights we stayed. Tapas and drinks in Spain are so much more value for money. I absolutely loved it!

There was also a sandy beach (you’d never find a nice one in England) around an hour away from Seville. We managed to take a lot of lovely scenic photos here and also leave some sand drawings ^^
Flamenco show which then turned into salsa dancing classes

On our last night, we went to watch flamenco dancing, which then led onto a mini salsa dance class and soon after karaoke. Hehe. T’was a great night with many wonderful new friends met.
There were so many fountains in Spain!

Have you been to Spain? Would you visit the country?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Looks like you had an awesome time in Spain. I went to Costa Blanca area last year and it’s a great place to be. The food is super delicious and who doesn’t love the sun over there?
    Krystal recently posted…Patty & Bun Review, Liverpool Street, LondonMy Profile

    • Its so lovely in Spain! So much to see ^^