I’m a Blue belt!

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Wahey! Since early June I went for my Tae Kwon Do belt grading exam to aim for my blue belt. I was so nervous and was seriously not ready to become a level higher. It was also the fact that I was suggested to grade next year so I would be more comfortable with the exam and techniques. So to be kinda forced to take the exam (for a couple of reasons) I didn’t feel confident.

Although I didn’t want to grade and was scared that I wouldn’t pass, I managed to practice a lot and did really last minute preparations before the exam. I messed up a little during the poomsae patterns -I forgot the side kick in pattern 4 but manage to save it- because I still had the adrenaline rush from sparring so my head wasn’t straight.

Even though I stumbled on a few parts and had to attempt my hook kick board break like several times, because I wasn’t following my kick through, I managed to survive and pass my grading!

Sho happy!

So I am now officially a blue belt! Just one more away from black! However I seriously will wait a year before my next grading because I am soooo totally not red belt material yet. Red belts are technically “black belts in training” and I don’t have the speed nor flexibility of a black belt yet. So here’s to a better year of training!
With our new belts!

We’ve now completed fresher’s and have managed to get over 100 students to sign up for TKD this year. Shall have to figure out how to choose candidates now since we can’t officially fit more than 35 in the room… We also are looking forward to setting up a fight camp (anyone got a better name?) as we’ve successfully applied for funding from Starbucks ^^ How exciting!

Do you do martial arts or any sports to keep fit?

With love
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Congrats on your new belt! =)

    I used to attend my cousin’s tae kwon do classes. It looked way too intense for me. She went up all the way to the belt just before black? Something like red belt black stripe before quitting. She took up cheer leading instead haha. We’re the same age and she’s a bit smaller than me, but she can kick anyone’s behind. I wouldn’t mind taking up something like kick boxing, but I need to get myself fit and mentally prepared first. ^^

    • She would be a red belt then. That’s really good! Why did she quit before becoming black? I’m scared to become a black belt, it’s a big responsibility.
      Cheerleading sounds like fun but I’m terrible with flips and cartwheels >.<
      Just do it! You'll learn to love it and enjoy the sessions to release steam, help keep fit and relax :)

      • Cheerleadering was more so her “passion.” But I’ve watched her compete in competitions and place first in all categories like style, overall etc. She doesn’t do any cartwheels or stunts. She’s actually really tiny and is a Flyer (the person that gets thrown in the air and relies on people to catch her). Now that I definitely couldn’t do x_X. I’ve considered taking up martial arts because of her but I think I should start with something less rigorous. x)

  • Congratulations on getting your blue belt! My brother did taekwondo and got his black belt; I was very proud of him when he did. I think he went through the levels rather quickly, but everyone goes at their own pace. I hope you get your black belt eventually, and you’ll definitely get over those nerves!

    I have never had an interest in doing martial arts, but I like the idea. Recently I have toyed with the idea of learning one for fun. :) I’m not sure if I will go ahead with it though.

    • Thanks Georgie. Wow Black belt seems so daunting because it’s the stage where you’ll start teaching others and self progress. Hopefully I’ll achieve it one day and will wear it proud.

      You should totally try it out! It’s great fun with friends and amazing to stay fit and healthy ^^ Lost some weight through it :D

    • Thanks sweetie :) You should totally go for it! Release them endorphins and go have some fun! It’s a good stress reliever, as well as something to keep you fit and healthy, meet new friends AND form of self-defence. I don’t see many cons about it :)

      Yes, I hopefully will get over these nerves, I think it’s because I’ve been in and out of training.

  • Ree

    That’s so kickass! Nice job on getting that blue belt. I wish I could do taekwondo, but all the places near me cost a fair bit of money. Plus I don’t have the time to attend taekwondo lessons. ;_; I’m definitely planning on taking some classes as soon as this school year’s over though.

    Wooo, that’s a lot of people! You could always call your fight camp the Fight Club. ;P

    • Oh nooo! How much is it? It’s normally around £5 a lesson but as I do it with a university club, they made a cheap deal package. Hope you can find a nice class.

      Lol we were thinking that we might get sued or that we’re unoriginal. I just thought of “Hwaiting 101” looool

    • Thank you!! I’m looking for another place that is close by and doesn’t cost a bomb to do some more training. I know how you feel, it’s so hard to find one that’s value for money! Hope you can find one! :D

  • Joy

    That’s amazing! Congrats! My husband made it to blue I believe in Aikido and then quit because of the people he trained with. They didn’t take it seriously and he couldn’t focus because of it.

    • That’s a shame he couldn’t get along with his fellow class members. I do agree that it’s the team that helps you focus and cheer you on. The spirit shown in training really shines through. Sometimes I’m tired though as I train after work mostly; I do try to kihap as loud as I can though.

  • Sam

    That’s so exciting, congrats! I’ve never done a martial art, but often wish I did… the sense of achievement sounds wonderful.

  • Hey, congratulations! That’s pretty amazing! Good luck to your year of training, I’m sure you’ll be able to get red.

    My mother wanted to enroll me in martial arts when I was younger, but I unfortunately don’t have good coordination, so putting me in any sport is torture. I’m glad you enjoy it though, it’s nice to be able to do something you like.

    As another word for fight camp…hmm? Fight camp kind of has a nice ring to it, haha.