Final Fantasy Fan Festival

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It was the first time Final Fantasy Fan Festival came to London. This is a festival where they dressed up the venue to look like something you’d see in a town in-game. There were carnival games such as fishing, archery, battak boards and riding the Beamoth (bull ring). They also setup rooms with groups of computers to fight primals (big bosses) and if you defeat them you will win a prize.

Each festival gives you a chance to win a “I defeated _____” t-shirt from a tough primal. This time was Odin. He was really hard to fight since he would chuck spears half way through and then use his ultimate that would wipe the whole team. Without battle tactics and communication, I found the task really hard. Even harder when people don’t listen so I couldn’t do my job as a healer well; it costed me mana to prop up everyone’s life bar when it was also very limited. Anyway, despite all the sweat and tears and the horrible team members that we got partnered with (some guy kept raging throughout the game). We got the tee!! Some people already place it on eBay for £109! I thought I’d just keep it lol. Bask in the glory.


I really enjoyed my time there.  We got tattoos and our hair done, queued up for 3 hours for the shop but I managed to return with a very kawaii moogle plush!

Kupo !

Some items got sold out very early in the afternoon which pissed a few fans off.

In the evening there was an ending ceremony where the Primals, the band for FF, sung all the primal songs on stage. It felt like a concert but everyone was busy filming or sitting down from being tired to be moshing or dancing lol.

Costume from the game

Although the tickets were really expensive, I think it was worth it and really well organised (‘cept the shop). I’d love to go again!!

Have you been to a game event?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Cool love the art sound like you had an awesome time

  • Cat

    That sounds like an awesome festival! I didn’t even know they made Final Fantasy themed ones. I would love to go to something like that :) I’m glad you managed to get the T-shirt even with the bad team members!

    I actually went to a game event this past weekend! It was a game expo though, so it was a large variety of game developers showing off their games.

    • I can’t remember how I came across it… Oh! They sent emails to FF players to sign up for early bird entry. So I signed up and jumped on it when tickets went on sale. It was really expensive though £65.

      The game expo sounds interesting. A good way for indie developers to gain exposure :)