Visiting The Art of Brick

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I saw some photos popping up online with Lego® figures and large statues made of Lego® so I did some research to find out what it was about. Turns out there was an exhibition in London for a renowned artist who built art from Lego®.
At the front door!

I think the blue guy looked cooler...

Immi and I bought tickets to go see the exhibition and it really reminded him of Minecraft. I told him to do something similar and charge people to visit his works to view his creations like a virtual museum! (What? It sounded cool at the time.)
I loved this Lego dress

The dress superimposed in photo

There was a video on how they took this photo. So cool!

The artist studied law but didn’t see himself as one. Instead, he would return home to draw and unleash his artistic side.
There was another being trying to get out

Feeling cracked

There were a lot of figures based off real art, about losing loved ones, being trapped in another body and one for the kids, a giant dinosaur!
D'you like mai new pet?

I'm just holding that brolly totally

I enjoyed the exhibition but would have loved to interact with the models like you could with the wax figures in Madam Tussauds. Would have been more fun.
It's like going back to the museum!

This was so 3d

The exhibition has been extended to April! Will you go visit it in London?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

(This was not a sponsored post)

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Amazing art work.

  • Kya

    Wow, they look amazing!

  • Hey! I saw the same exhibit in New York during the summer!!! I posted some pics too!

    Did you get to sign a lego piece onto their guest wall too?!

    • Nuuuu we got to play with Lego but I didn’t see a wall of Lego to be signed! I missed out!

  • I’d love to see these works in person, but I can’t make it. Hopefully they’ll migrate these works over to Houston if at all possible. I always appreciate modern art, as long as it adds value. These works certainly do. :O

    • I’m sure he’ll go around the world again, his works have travelled across countries already :)

  • Cat

    I love Legos and Lego art :D I would love to go to an exhibit like that!

  • I so want to go! ^^ Looks awesome!