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My last weekend was a rather long one. My whole TKD group participated in the BSTF Nationals where poomsae competition was on Saturday and fights happened on Sunday.

Selfie time!

The Nationals were hosted up in Worcester, home of the famous Worcester sauce. We all travelled up on Friday evening by coach. However as I wasn’t sure about making it on time,  I went via Cameron’s car with Charlotte in the passenger seat who was blasting out music the whole way (felt like raving). It was over 4 hours due to traffic so both parties made pit stops to grab some food before arriving at the hotel.


I found Tsumtsums!

This time, it was better organised and actually explained to people what was happening, so on Saturday Dee and I managed to fit in some tourist time and go see the cathedral in the morning. We arrived back at 3pm to watch the poomsae competition.

Walking inside the cathedral

In the evening, dinner was hard to come by since everywhere in the town centre was fully booked. The group ended up ordering from different places. I just went to Zizzi’s nearby and ordered a carbonara for takeaway. Doesn’t feel like ordering a pizza from Papa John’s.



It was an early start for Sunday, 7am. So most of us were tired. There were many fights but unfortunately I was helping as a volunteer so I couldn’t watch most of it. At first I was making sure the electronic device for daedo gear was on the competitors correctly; a boring but important role to help push things along and reduce delay between fights. Then I was asked to do corner judging which was a lot more fun. However, it was hard to actually score points for definite in A Class since body shots needed a certain part threshold.

Steven in poomsae competition
Fight fight

The experience days an enjoyable yet tiring one. We won 6 gold medals, 3 silver and 2 bronze. Amazing. By the time we got back to London, it was past midnight so everyone conked out when they got home. I had to sleep on Josie’s couch some I was stranded ;-; Luckily she and her housemates took me in.

Charlotte and Cameron made cake!

Now it’s back to life!

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Go team great job guys now I want a slice he he cool pictures.

    • Thanks Jackie!

  • Cat

    I’m glad you were able to fit in some tourist time :) The stained glass window in that cathedral is beautiful!

    That’s cool that you wre able to do some judging too. Congrats to your group! That’s a lot of medals!

  • Those tsum tsums are so adorable!!