Cinderella Exhibition, Leicester Square

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Interactive book

After having dinner with friends in London, we walked past Leicester Square and found out there was a few Cinderella Heritage exhibition, by Swarovski, still open for entry.
Beautiful sketches

It contained items, drawings, merchandise and props from the original Disney film in 1950, plus the current Cinderella film. Cinderella was Disney’s 12th animation, the first being Snow White ^^
Stepmother dress in movie

The exhibition was very beautiful and also allowed us to try on the glass slipper made from Swarovski crystals! Cinderella’s ball gown was also adorned with many miniature crystals and delicate butterflies to make her dazzle in front of her Prince.
The props and costumes were absolutely stunning. The crystal shoe also doesn’t actually fit anyone… It was CGI’ed onto the actress’s foot. Like how it for me here!
Glass slipper

It fits!

I really need to make time to see the actual film now! Have you seen it yet?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Next to the golden carriage

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  • Cat

    I haven’t seen the Cinderella movie, but it’s been getting good reviews. The Disney version was one of my favorites when I was young! I think that’s so cool that you were able to see an exhibition of it. I would love to see the drawings from the Disney film and the props for the new film!

    • Yeah it was really nice to have stumbled upon it. I loved the animation too and distinctively remember a scene in Sailor Moon which was a reenactment of the ball ^^