Review: Dip & Flip

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I’ve heard about Dip & Flip from friends at work so I thought I’d go for the first time with Sue-Chan.

Sue hiding amongst the fooood

Th restaurant isn’t that far walk from Clapham Junction station and is a small little branch near the main road. The interior is almost of an old vintage fast food chain with wooden tables and a steel chairs.
Pin Up Lady in Gravy boat

There’s also a pinup girl sitting in a gravy boat eating a burger with the slogan “Life is better dranched in gravy” Mmmmm!

I ordered the lamb burger with mint sauce and a mint chocolate crunch Milkshake, plus fries to share. Everything on the menu is served with a side serving of gravy.


The meat in the first burger came out cold which I thought was odd and when questioned, the waitress quickly fixed the situation and brought out a new one shortly after. Apparently the meat is cooked in gravy and then send hot but the first batch of meat didn’t seemed to get heated up. The second burger was much tastier with minty goodness and buckets of gravy sauce.
Delicious Milkshake

The mint chocolate crunch milkshake was on their monthly milkshake promotion. It tasted like a minty oreo milkshake that was very creamy but not too sweet.
I feel like a fatty

If you’re going on a date and don’t want to deal with messy food then Dip & Flip is not for you!

I will definitely visit again! Have I made you want to go?

With love,
Keki xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Thanks doll now I’m hungry everything looks so delicious.

  • I want to go, haha! That just look really good ;)


  • B├írbara Marques

    You got me slobbering :p

  • Oh wow it sounds epic! How delicious xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  • Cat

    Yum, that looks good! I think that’s cool that they have meats other than just beef. I’d like to try the lamb burger!

    I’ve actually been suffering from a stomach flu, so I haven’t been able to eat much. I keep saying that once I get better, I want a burger right away. This just makes me want it more :)

  • Sounds yummy! ^^

  • Lamb is my favorite meat! Ooh, now I want to eat a lamb burger! :P

  • Joy

    omgosh, everything looks so yummy! Especially the milkshakes!

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