Review: Flesh & Buns, Bonedaddies

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Sue and Nam invited me to dinner one evening at Flesh & Buns in Covent Garden. The name was really interesting and made me want to come try it!

At the entrance ^^

The restaurant is underground in Seven Dials and is kitted to look like old Japanese bars with lots of old looking bottles and sake casks.
Bar area

We ordered from the set menu so we could try a bit of everything, and boy, was it yummy! The gimmick in this restaurant is that instead of rice, you place the meat inside small white sweet buns (Chinese man tou) and eat it all wrapped up.

I found it really tasty with all the sauces and mixing meats up, was almost like building my own mini sub. Everything tastes tasty when eaten with fingers too xD
Sushi rolls!

The toilets in this restaurant are very peculiar. They have decorated each cubicle with pages from manga, but these panels are all pornographic scenes… Unusual right? I really want to research as to why the interior designer decided on this concept! I found it funny. Maybe it was to boost social media and word of mouth? I’m unsure.
One of the less obscene panels xD

Anyway, I would recommend people to come try out this restaurant as it’s nice and tasty, especially their smores! OMG the dessert was delicious and so much fun to toast the marshmallows. I recorded a video on my instagram.

Melting our Smores!

Have you been here? Would you? Where does this place remind you of?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Yummy smores great place to dine