An hour queue for a burger?!

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So my friends invited me out to try a new Burger place down Bond Street called Patty and Bun.

By the time we entered it was dark...

I’ve heard of it but have never thought that it’s be so small! The whole restaurant only had around 10 tables of 2. The decor was rather simple, old-fashioned Burger shack with only a few items on the menu to choose from. I believe this is the trend in London with restaurants that don’t take bookings, as it creates a long queue by the door making passed bys intrigued.
What Should I eat?

My friends and I ended up queuing for a whole hour which is something I don’t usually do; I was surprised it took so long for a fast food joint. I wasn’t disappointed though. The burger served up was juicy, delicious and packed flavour from the meat and sauces contained within.
This is gonna get messy. *drool*

The chips were crispy with hints of rosemary, but the chef overpowered the chips with salt :(
My friend also ordered chicken wings which reminded me of KFC. The skin was very crispy and the chicken moist and not so dry. We still aren’t sure which sauce was given, because despite ordering taramine sauce (supposedly non spicy) the wings were rather hot and felt like we were eating the jalapeƱo version…
The meal!

All in all I enjoyed the meal but I don’t think I would like to queue for so long again. So I would suggest either rocking up around lunchtime or late around 8-9pm when there are less people.
Look at it! Nom!

They have two branches in London to choose from.

Have you queued for a long time for food before? What was your verdict?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

This was not a sponsored post.

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  • I’m hungry just looking at that!

  • Bella Pummarola

    The food looks great, but a 1-hour wait is way too long for my taste :)

    Bella Pummarola