So much food for an afternoon…

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I went out on a lovely sunny Sunday for Dim Sum at Wing Yip with a couple of friends. We ended up ordering quite a bit of food and waited till it all arrived so we could take a photo of a table full of food.

Never had a photo like this.

This amount of food filled us up a lot! Nom nom nom! I really like Har Gao (prawn dumplings) whenever I go Yum Cha.

Reading the menu

Afterwards I was taken across the road to a delicious ice cream parlour called Kaspa’s. They make an assortment of ice cream flavours and rather large bowls of ice cream sundaes. Bigger than the ones stereotypically from American restaurants. I mean look at them!

Mango Mania Sundae
Oreo Sundae

Each sundae had a few scoops of flavoured ice cream,  topped with soft ice cream and covered in sauce or chocolate toppings and two wafers. It was delicious!

The Chocoholic

I was so full from eating so much in an afternoon! Was lovely though!

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • That was like three meals in just two hours!

    Let’s do it again sometime! but…next time, lets share the ice creams ;)

    • Total should.

  • Kya

    The food looks delicious and those ice-creams are just amazing! :D

  • Cat

    Yum, dim sum! Har Gao is a childhood favorite of mine. I always have to order it when we get dim sum!

    Those ice creams look great too. I love the way they’re decorated. Looks so tasty!

    • OMG I love har gao too! Always have to eat it everytime we have dim sum xD

      It was so much ice cream for one person… Almost an entire meal!

  • Wow, that just look really good! Take me with you next time, haha ;)


    • I’d love to hun!

  • Maria Gonçalves

    Your blog is filled with delicious food :)

    • Hehe I love food too much! Thanks for stopping by! X