Platter for 2

Bodeans. A meat feast fit for a king.

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So for Manni’s birthday we all were invited to Bodeans for dinner.  Bodeans is a BBQ meat shack that boasts delicious barbecued meats in hearty portions. So if you’re a hungry hippo or feeling extra hungry, the this is the place for you.
The menu
The decor inside has a western ranch-like feel to it. With hanging wall ornaments to antler lamps.
Antler Lamps
Restaurant Decor
As a group of 5, we ordered a dish each and a platter for 2 one (sidejoke) to share between us. The meal was absolutely delicious and we managed to devour the whole table of food. I think we consumed too much salt for one evening though…
Ready for their meal
And without further adieu, I present you the glorious meats. Which I like to call foodporn. You should look away now if you’re a herbivore…
Honeycomb Milkshakes

Beef Ribs

Baby Rack of Ribs

Platter for 2
Our platter for “1”

Steak with Sweet Potato Frites

Our Bodeans Meal
Our Bodeans Meal

Where’s your best BBQ shack?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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