The Crusader: Johanna painting.

Heroes of Storm UK Launch Party

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Heroes of the Storm recently held a launch party at Old Billingsgate in London where many fans and gamers attended. I happened to be lucky enough to get a free ticket at the time.

Heroes of the Storm stage
Heroes of the Storm stage

For a free event it was rather nicely kitted out. There was a main stage where everything happened,  they gave out some freebies (including a champion and free skin), photo booths, computers to play the game (although you may as well played at home), free bar, a shop and a DJ stage where Madeon played.
HoTS Posing in the photobooth
Posing in the photobooth

HoTS Photoboth
We look so cool

Although I’ve only been introduced to the game recently, I wasn’t an avid fan but seeing them unveil their new champion on the night was something to experience. The cheers and noise from the crowd and amazing and actually being in the midst of people so passionate about the same thing was overwhelming. I loved that atmosphere and really enjoyed my time.
HoTS Cosplayers

Madeon’s stage as the ending sequence was really well setup.  He had a DJ set,  really sweet screen setup and lots of bright and colourful lights. It really felt like a rave! However I don’t think we’re the right audience as most of the attendees would grab out their smart phone to record and Snapchat this moment.  Even I ended up Instagramming a snippet! You can also watch the full event on Youtube!

I would love to attend another event like this although I would have expected more attractions and things to do. I guess I was comparing it to the Final Fantasy Fan Festival from last year,  but that was a grand event that was paid for. So I think Blizzard did a good job.
The Crusader: Johanna painting.
The Crusader: Johanna painting.

Have you attended any interesting events lately? Any upcoming ones you’re excited about?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Sounds fun! Madeon is great and I think that no matter what crowd you are there are always a bunch of people instagraming and on social media during shows nowadays. I love free events – it makes it feel a bit extra special.


    • Very true. I just think it’s nice to be able to experience it while you’re there and not through a screen. Everyone loves freebies! :D

  • Awesome! I’m not much of a gamer but I can appreciate graphics! nice photobooth~ I wish we have something like this where I’m from, I may become too busy to attend but it’s great to know there’s a nice community of gamers out there. PLUS ~ Cosplay!

    lots of lovin’

    • I hardly play the game but a friend had a spare ticket so why not! It was a lovely evening but I guess it was more for avid fans.
      Yes the cosplay was amazing there were quite a few! Even ones not from the game hehe.

    • oh gawd the cosplay! They’re amazing and people came from all over the world! <3

  • Cat

    That’s cool that you were able to attend a Blizzard event! I hear they throw great parties. I played Heroes of the Storm for a bit in the beta, but it didn’t hold my attention, so I stopped. The only upcoming events I’m excited about are a few Anime cons!

    • It was good for a free event! i’ve never been to one so it was an eye opener. I got to be on TV! (well Youtube TV)

      oooh hope you’ll have fun!

  • This is so cool! Just like Penda, im not much of a gamer too but im a sucker for graphics and photobooths!

    • i love all the freebies and anything pretty tbh XDDD I haven’t managed to play the game because my laptop cannot run it :(