Mini Jurassic Golf

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This was the first time I’ve ever played miniature golf. It was fun yet somewhat challenging. I was competing with my friends who was all aiming to get first place.
The way it works is that each player puts and tries to get their ball in the hole in the least out of tries. The player with the lowest number wins, and the one with the highest will lose.
This particular mini golf we went to was near New Malden and it had a Jurassic theme to it.  So there were many dinosaur models dotted around the whole golf course. The weather was slightly chilly but as it was cloudy,  it meant the sun wasn’t in my eyes and it was clear to see the goal.
We played two games and had to rush the second game due to time constraints. However,  I found I did slightly better under pressure. Ahahaha.

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Have you played mini golf before? How was your experience?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Ooo it looks fun!! The last time I played minigolf, was aaaages ago! I don’t remember if I did well or not. But I kind of want to play again thanks to you *_*

  • I used to play mini golf a lot!! It was so much fun, although I’ve always sucked at it, because of bad eyesight I guess. Now I’m pretty much useless at it, but I love the idea of Jurassic mini golf!! How cool!

    • Oh really? I’ve always drove past them and never knew how much fun they can be! Well i was just aimless shooting the golf ball as long as it was nearish towards the hole XD

  • Looks like you had so much fun!!! I really have no idea how to play golf, but it sure looks interesting! :D

    • It’s really easy as this mini golf game can be played by all ages!