Kaichi Fieldtrip 2015

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At Bournton-on-the-Water
Every year myself and a group of friends would attend a Japanese high school culture exchange programme in London for 5 days. This programme is part of their curriculum where they have to travel to England to practice their English, as well as sight see and conduct a presentation to their group leader (me).
My group at the model village
I found the experience fun and I also met a lot of new friends including other students who weren’t part of my group.
At Hampton Court Gardens
Sometimes it was hard to communicate as some students had lower understanding of English than others which meant I needed to be a lot patient with them to think about their answers.  Us group leaders tried to play all sorts of games with the students such as hangman, Mafia (they loved this), wink murder, uno, card games, Chadrades, observational games etc. These helped us build rapport with the students and engage with them to use English.
Mucking around
We went to a few attractions in London for a couple of days. These included Bournton-on-the-Water,  a lovely little English village that was the home of Brum the little car. The National Gallery, British Museum and Hampton Court. I think Bournton-on-the-Water was the most loved as it captures the beauty of England at best.
Lunch time!
At the farewell party we played some mini games including Bingo and Sumo Clap. Afterwards, it was a photo taking session with all the students and at the end they were all singing One Direction’s We’re on fire.

Tee hee hee
Tee hee hee

It was a lovely evening with lots of tears and cried of joy.
Saying out farewells
Many happy memories were made on this trip and I hope to see my group again soon near the end of the year ^^
Purdy Coaches
Have you thought of visiting Japan? Where would be your top places to visit?

With love ,


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  • That is so awesome! I would have loved to do an exchange trip like this in high school, though I guess I would need to learn French a little more, haha, the only other language I really know a bit of. I’m glad that you had such a great group and will carry those friendships with you! If I could travel anywhere right now…. that is so hard because I want to travel everywhere! I would love to visit and see more of France. I’ve only been to Paris so I would love to see more of the countryside and less touristy places. I would love to visit Japan, too! I feel like it would be very different from American culture.

    • It was an awesome experience! I loved doing it and am planning to visit the student this September! I’ll be updating on how that trip goes :), it’s gonna be way different to England too!

  • Jackie Harrison

    What a cool experience lucky doll.

  • That is a really great experience. I haven’t heard of all of those games but they seemed like fun. I wonder if some games were more difficult than others to play since some of the students understanding of english was a bit lower than others. Either way I’m sure everyone more than enjoyed their time.


    • It was challenging to explain the details of each game to them but once you play it they understand. Else there are certain students who have a better understanding of English who would usually translate to the whole group :)

  • That definitely looks like a great experience!~ ^^ Great pictures too.

    I definitely would love to visit Japan and definitely love to visit the world, if only I could get over being homesick and a homebody. Lol

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