Chilli Ramen

Kannada-Ya: Ramen Restaurant in London

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Kannada-Ya is a small Japanese ramen bar that has branches in Japan, London, UK and Hong Kong.

The one I visited was 8 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road Station in London and was very easy to find; although Google Map was very helpful due to all the road works happening in the area.

The restaurant has a similar take to other no-booking restaurants where the seating is limited and revolves around a fast-food like service. However, they don’t force you to leave even though there’s a queue formed outside. The patrons waiting outside will just be staring at you through the window though…

The menu is very limited and isn’t vegetarian friendly as everything is made with pork. The original ramen is thinly sliced pieces of Cha siu (bbq flavoured pork), some mu shu (fungus), nori (seaweed sheet) and spring onions (standard). Then there are three other options of adding beanshoots, making it spicy or changing the pork belly to the pork collar meat (less fatty).

Original Ramen
Original Pork Ramen

I picked the original to try and the cha siu melted in my mouth.  It was very succulent and not rough at all! However you only get a few slices which wasn’t enough for my appetite. The pork bone broth was delicious and very flavoursome but the starch from the noodles made the broth murky and started to get thick, adding a milky flavour to the soup.
Chilli Ramen
Chilli Ramen

There are also other sides and extra ramen if you have extra broth left over and still feeling hungry!


I want to try out more! Would you recommend any restaurants in London?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Never a fan of ramen (and noodles in general…) but this post just made me want to try it! :) Nice post, Keki!


    • Thanks for visiting sweetie :) I can’t believe you don’t like noodles! I’m a big fan of it since there are so many types of noodles to try out!

  • Omg, there are tons of restaurants I could recommend in London! This place looks yummy – I want to try it, quite easy for me to get to TCR!

  • Cat

    That ramen looks really good! I love broths made from pork bone. My favorite ramen place here doesn’t give enough cha sui either. I always order extra to go with my ramen!

    • Broths made from animal bones always have more flavour to them. :) Delicious!

      Maybe next time I’ll order extra meat as I know now how much I get!

  • Kya

    I am not a fan of pork, but it does look really nice. I kind of have an obsession with noodles at the moment. xD

    • I love noodles! I keep eating it for dinner all the time…

  • Bella Pummarola

    It looks very nice, I’d love to try it! ;)

    Bella Pummarola

  • Joy

    The roman looks so yummy! I’ve never actually tried it before and there is a restaurant here in Philadelphia named Tampopo I have my eye on. This post had my taste buds excited!

    • I wanted more! I don’t know if I’ll go back since I have a big appetite ahaha.

      You should definately try out Tampopo! The name sounds cute!