Kaichi Fieldtrip 2015

At Bournton-on-the-Water
Every year myself and a group of friends would attend a Japanese high school culture exchange programme in London for 5 days. This programme is part of their curriculum where they have to travel to England to practice their English, as well as sight see and conduct a presentation to their group leader (me).
My group at the model village
I found the experience fun and I also met a lot of new friends including other students who weren’t part of my group.
At Hampton Court Gardens
Sometimes it was hard to communicate as some students had lower understanding of English than others which meant I needed to be a lot patient with them to think about their answers.  Us group leaders tried to play all sorts of games with the students such as hangman, Mafia (they loved this), wink murder, uno, card games, Chadrades, observational games etc. These helped us build rapport with the students and engage with them to use English.
Mucking around
We went to a few attractions in London for a couple of days. These included Bournton-on-the-Water,  a lovely little English village that was the home of Brum the little car. The National Gallery, British Museum and Hampton Court. I think Bournton-on-the-Water was the most loved as it captures the beauty of England at best.
Lunch time!
At the farewell party we played some mini games including Bingo and Sumo Clap. Afterwards, it was a photo taking session with all the students and at the end they were all singing One Direction’s We’re on fire.

Tee hee hee
Tee hee hee

It was a lovely evening with lots of tears and cried of joy.
Saying out farewells
Many happy memories were made on this trip and I hope to see my group again soon near the end of the year ^^
Purdy Coaches
Have you thought of visiting Japan? Where would be your top places to visit?

With love ,


I feel like making a chair out of Molang bunnies!

MCM Expo May 2015

Batman Cowls!
My little online kawaii store, Kekiko, exhibited at MCM Comic Con this May and it was a busy weekend for myself and my helpers!
Kekiko Stall :)
We had a great time meeting lots of new faces. As well as familiar ones.
Aisha Anime and Moi <3
There were a lot of great cosplayers some which I’ve managed to take a photo of who had past the stall. However, there were so many that were missed since the hall was huge and many people missed small areas.
Lulu and Ahri ^__^
For Hello Kitty’s 10th anniversary, she turned a large booth area into a mini garden fit with a caravan, teepee, photobooth and Hello Kitty chairs. There was free face painting, hair chalk, photos and a phone charging station to all their visitors for their #OneKindThing campaign. I went ahead and got pink hair chalk, my face painted (didn’t really wash it off…) and photos from the photobooth.
We got our faces painted :P
We’d definitely venture back in October!
I feel like making a chair out of Molang bunnies!
Check out the Facebook page for more photos from the weekend!

With love,

Kekidoll xoxo

Mini Jurassic Golf

This was the first time I’ve ever played miniature golf. It was fun yet somewhat challenging. I was competing with my friends who was all aiming to get first place.
The way it works is that each player puts and tries to get their ball in the hole in the least out of tries. The player with the lowest number wins, and the one with the highest will lose.
This particular mini golf we went to was near New Malden and it had a Jurassic theme to it.  So there were many dinosaur models dotted around the whole golf course. The weather was slightly chilly but as it was cloudy,  it meant the sun wasn’t in my eyes and it was clear to see the goal.
We played two games and had to rush the second game due to time constraints. However,  I found I did slightly better under pressure. Ahahaha.

Photo Gallery:

Have you played mini golf before? How was your experience?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

The Crusader: Johanna painting.

Heroes of Storm UK Launch Party

Heroes of the Storm recently held a launch party at Old Billingsgate in London where many fans and gamers attended. I happened to be lucky enough to get a free ticket at the time.

Heroes of the Storm stage
Heroes of the Storm stage

For a free event it was rather nicely kitted out. There was a main stage where everything happened,  they gave out some freebies (including a champion and free skin), photo booths, computers to play the game (although you may as well played at home), free bar, a shop and a DJ stage where Madeon played.
HoTS Posing in the photobooth
Posing in the photobooth

HoTS Photoboth
We look so cool

Although I’ve only been introduced to the game recently, I wasn’t an avid fan but seeing them unveil their new champion on the night was something to experience. The cheers and noise from the crowd and amazing and actually being in the midst of people so passionate about the same thing was overwhelming. I loved that atmosphere and really enjoyed my time.
HoTS Cosplayers

Madeon’s stage as the ending sequence was really well setup.  He had a DJ set,  really sweet screen setup and lots of bright and colourful lights. It really felt like a rave! However I don’t think we’re the right audience as most of the attendees would grab out their smart phone to record and Snapchat this moment.  Even I ended up Instagramming a snippet! You can also watch the full event on Youtube!

I would love to attend another event like this although I would have expected more attractions and things to do. I guess I was comparing it to the Final Fantasy Fan Festival from last year,  but that was a grand event that was paid for. So I think Blizzard did a good job.
The Crusader: Johanna painting.
The Crusader: Johanna painting.

Have you attended any interesting events lately? Any upcoming ones you’re excited about?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Platter for 2

Bodeans. A meat feast fit for a king.

So for Manni’s birthday we all were invited to Bodeans for dinner.  Bodeans is a BBQ meat shack that boasts delicious barbecued meats in hearty portions. So if you’re a hungry hippo or feeling extra hungry, the this is the place for you.
The menu
The decor inside has a western ranch-like feel to it. With hanging wall ornaments to antler lamps.
Antler Lamps
Restaurant Decor
As a group of 5, we ordered a dish each and a platter for 2 one (sidejoke) to share between us. The meal was absolutely delicious and we managed to devour the whole table of food. I think we consumed too much salt for one evening though…
Ready for their meal
And without further adieu, I present you the glorious meats. Which I like to call foodporn. You should look away now if you’re a herbivore…
Honeycomb Milkshakes

Beef Ribs

Baby Rack of Ribs

Platter for 2
Our platter for “1”

Steak with Sweet Potato Frites

Our Bodeans Meal
Our Bodeans Meal

Where’s your best BBQ shack?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Brunch at The Breakfast Club

Heard of them before but had never been. I was intrigued and thought I’d go check it out. This restaurant only serves American and English styled breakfast meals fit to fill tummy of hungry passer bys.

I had the All American Breakfast which came with a heart portion of pancakes and Canadian maple syrup.  Mmm!

It was really tasty and the place was so busy. The bacon was crispy, the pancakes were moist and I loved their potatoes. Everything is very filling here for a reasonable price. I would love to come back and try out the rest of the menu!



Virgin Apple Mojito
All American Breakfast
Salmon Poached Eggs


Have you been to the Breakfast Club before? Where do you enjoy was ring breakfast?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

So much food for an afternoon…

I went out on a lovely sunny Sunday for Dim Sum at Wing Yip with a couple of friends. We ended up ordering quite a bit of food and waited till it all arrived so we could take a photo of a table full of food.

Never had a photo like this.

This amount of food filled us up a lot! Nom nom nom! I really like Har Gao (prawn dumplings) whenever I go Yum Cha.

Reading the menu

Afterwards I was taken across the road to a delicious ice cream parlour called Kaspa’s. They make an assortment of ice cream flavours and rather large bowls of ice cream sundaes. Bigger than the ones stereotypically from American restaurants. I mean look at them!

Mango Mania Sundae
Oreo Sundae

Each sundae had a few scoops of flavoured ice cream,  topped with soft ice cream and covered in sauce or chocolate toppings and two wafers. It was delicious!

The Chocoholic

I was so full from eating so much in an afternoon! Was lovely though!

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

An hour queue for a burger?!

So my friends invited me out to try a new Burger place down Bond Street called Patty and Bun.

By the time we entered it was dark...

I’ve heard of it but have never thought that it’s be so small! The whole restaurant only had around 10 tables of 2. The decor was rather simple, old-fashioned Burger shack with only a few items on the menu to choose from. I believe this is the trend in London with restaurants that don’t take bookings, as it creates a long queue by the door making passed bys intrigued.
What Should I eat?

My friends and I ended up queuing for a whole hour which is something I don’t usually do; I was surprised it took so long for a fast food joint. I wasn’t disappointed though. The burger served up was juicy, delicious and packed flavour from the meat and sauces contained within.
This is gonna get messy. *drool*

The chips were crispy with hints of rosemary, but the chef overpowered the chips with salt :(
My friend also ordered chicken wings which reminded me of KFC. The skin was very crispy and the chicken moist and not so dry. We still aren’t sure which sauce was given, because despite ordering taramine sauce (supposedly non spicy) the wings were rather hot and felt like we were eating the jalapeño version…
The meal!

All in all I enjoyed the meal but I don’t think I would like to queue for so long again. So I would suggest either rocking up around lunchtime or late around 8-9pm when there are less people.
Look at it! Nom!

They have two branches in London to choose from.

Have you queued for a long time for food before? What was your verdict?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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