Adorable sheep plushies!

WIN a Cute Sheep Plush from Kekiko!

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve been on the blogosphere, I’m going to try to get back into blogging once a week. Lots have been happening but something exciting it’s happening on my Facebook shop page! Iiiiiiit’s a giveaway!

Adorable sheep plushies!
Adorable sheep plushies!

The Kekiko store is giving away two cute little sheep plushies for free! Head over to the Facebook page now to check on details how to win these cuties! CLICK HERE or see the embedded post below :)

Kawaii Sheep Plush
Head to the Facebook page to enter the giveaway!

Good luck!

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Cinderella Exhibition, Leicester Square

Interactive book

After having dinner with friends in London, we walked past Leicester Square and found out there was a few Cinderella Heritage exhibition, by Swarovski, still open for entry.
Beautiful sketches

It contained items, drawings, merchandise and props from the original Disney film in 1950, plus the current Cinderella film. Cinderella was Disney’s 12th animation, the first being Snow White ^^
Stepmother dress in movie

The exhibition was very beautiful and also allowed us to try on the glass slipper made from Swarovski crystals! Cinderella’s ball gown was also adorned with many miniature crystals and delicate butterflies to make her dazzle in front of her Prince.
The props and costumes were absolutely stunning. The crystal shoe also doesn’t actually fit anyone… It was CGI’ed onto the actress’s foot. Like how it for me here!
Glass slipper

It fits!

I really need to make time to see the actual film now! Have you seen it yet?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Next to the golden carriage

Easter Joyfulness [Competition at End!]

Party Shinanigans

Easter was a while back and for the long weekend my friends and I had a karaoke party in Chinatown. We went to China City and was singing for a good 5 hours till they shut we couldn’t anymore.


We sung, we laughed, we raved and some of us got drunk – very drunk. I ended up taking 5 friends home to my small shared house as some of the guys were helping me with our drunk friends, plus they couldn’t get home. I always feel bad for leaving people stranded, plus Mc Donald’s had closed down now so there wasn’t a shelter to stay under till the first train home. Gotta let them sleep round right? Luckily my old housemate moved out so we had a spare room and bed to fit everyone in :)


It was a very good night and due to that I ended going karaoke again but to Karaoke Box in Soho. Karaoke Box is very swish and much nicer. However their song selection mostly consists of English charts and it’s all instrumental. Ergo, if you’re not an amazing singer you may hate hearing your voice. China City on the other hand has MVs that play with the choice of having the original singer singing along so it’s like an aid if you’re ‘tone deaf’ like myself hahaha.


My Duty as a Citizen
I was also on Jury Service for 2 weeks over Easter. I had to take time off work and do my duty as a UK citizen. It was an interesting experience but not as exciting as everyone made it out to be. All my friends seemed to be jealous of me and wondered why they weren’t picked. *le shrug*

I found sitting in the jury box can be a long and boring process because you are literally sitting there for a whole day listening to the same story repeated over and over by different people from their point of view.

If you ever get picked to do jury service, always bring something to keep you occupied like a book or a tablet with films on it. At the beginning you will be sitting for hours on end and if your name doesn’t get called, you’ll be waiting for some time longer. You must also be very open as you could be sitting on any case, it doesn’t go as smoothly as the shows on TV as there are always hiccups or things (matters of the law) that arise which can postpone trials. You’re also basically locked in a room with your fellow jurors when you’re not in court so remember to bring food and lots of snacks too to keep your energized and replenished throughout the day!

The duty is also a lot of responsibility as it’s up to you to find out if you believe the defendant is guilty or not guilty based on the evidence given. I ended being on 2 and a half trials. The last one took us 4 hours to decide on a verdict since we couldn’t all come to a unanimous decision. >.< I think it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made in my life as it isn’t as simple as they make it in films/dramas.

Competition Announcement
To celebrate Easter my shop, Kekiko, is holding a small giveaway for a cute mini Molang bunny! Just guess how many mini eggs were used in the photo below! (Hint: There are 3 layers)

For more details on how to win just check out the top post on my Facebook page linked below! Go join now!

End Date: 10th May 2014


Good Luck!
– Kekidoll xoxo

My Office Christmas Party


We had our Staff Christmas Party on Friday after work. We went to Professor Truman’s Magical Laboratory in Brick Lane. It was really hyped up and everyone was expecting a spectacular show filled with magic, potions and dramatic lights. However we were disappointed with “lab rats” (people dressed in lab coats) playing poi and the a “robot” built by the mad professor just jiggying his bum. Errr I think you will find that I know friends who can play poi better and even with fire (yes health and safety I know), but if I had a robot on stage I would expect it to breakdance and not just bop to the beat then release some steam towards the ceiling from it’s guns. My table wasn’t very happy about the show provided – short and not exciting.


The food was edible but not great at all. On paper it sounded lovely…

  • Starter: Oven roasted cranberry chutney and brie tart (v)
  • Main: Oven roasted succulent breast of chicken, cooked in an infusion of fresh thyme, rosemary and farmhouse butter, served with creamy garlic and parmesan mash potatoes and freshly roasted honey glazed winter vegetables
  • Dessert: Chocolate caramel truffle laced with a raspberry and chilli coulis

However what we got was a cold cheese tart (the sauce was nice though), chicken on a bed of mashed potato with vegetables (tasted fake, cheap and vegetables were bitter) and lastly a chocolate vanilla pudding with wild berry compote (there wasn’t enough chocolate flavour and the berry sauce was too bitter/tangy, thus not a great pairing). Even the vegetarian meal took 20 minutes to serve, after bringing it to their attention our party needed 7 veggie meals; apparently we didn’t notify in advance and they didn’t have enough food. I was told the vegetarian meal was cold and tasteless, so instead of giving bs about how they don’t have enough to serve, why couldn’t they at least heat up the food?! Sorry for sounding all ‘Come Dine with Me’ style whining but we paid £80 per person for this event and the Fun Committee had to organise it 6 months before. So everyone’s expectations were high and wanted it to trump our last Christmas party.


The entertainment provided wasn’t so bad. There was a photo booth, casino tables, arcade games and a batak board. I always like photobooths. They are always so much fun ^^


The disco was boring. They hadn’t even kitted out the room; just filled it with smoke. Surly they could have hung some Christmas decorations up and placed a cool dance floor. The music at the beginning was too old school for me to know what the song was. It wasn’t until I had to leave (last train home) that the Christmassy ones came on =.= Oh well.


Despite all that I still had a good time with my work friends and got quite tipsy drunk lol. Couldn’t really walk in my heels, thank goodness that I brought my flats along!

How were all your Christmas parties? If you haven’t had your yet, are you looking forward to it?

On another note, I launched my online shop! I am also holding a big giveaway where you can win a large Molang Bunny (pictured). See details to enter here: Kekiko’s Grand Opening Christmas Giveaway

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Visiting Silicon Milk Roundabout

The SMR mascots were so friendly and huggable

I first heard about this event from my housemate who is currently searching for a new graphic job within the photography/design sector. I followed along, also with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, to support her and check the event out; as well as for the freebies!

We managed to gather a lot of sweeties, cookies, pens and even fruit!

This event is a creative fair held for those who are interested in startups and would like to see the many opportunities available in the IT & design sectors. There were many startup companies such as y-plan, Badoo,, King (the guys who created Candy Crush) and Mind Candy (Creators of Moshi Monsters).

They were worldwide! Their stand was pretty and handed out free tea and coffee

There was also a lot of amazing freebies up for grabs plus the employees who allowed you to pick their brains :D I managed to collect a lot of free stuff but missed out on the tote bags and t-shirts because I wasn’t that interested in the IT development side of the company, so I didn’t chat to them. :( (or that I was shy/embarrassed to ask for a freebie tee…)

Some really cool installations!

If you’re searching for a job within the design or IT sector I would suggest going to this fair and talking to the employers to get an idea of what you’re signing up for, plus to see if you’ll fit into the place. These fairs are just for that!

This machine by Badoo pours your a drink all by itself!

With love,
Keki xoxo

7 Ways to Get Free Internet

As you may know from my previous post, I am currently living without internet and will continue to do so as long as I am living in London; until I find some place to move to or decide to jet off to Hong Kong…

Wifi Sticker
Free Wifi Sticker

So I have found a few tips on getting free internet during my stay in the capital. Here is my list of 7 ways to get free internet:

  1. Visit a friend’s house for an online gaming session: If they are a good friend they wouldn’t mind you coming over and leeching their internet for an afternoon or evening. I’ve been hopping to my friends’ houses to play League of Legends with them and update apps on my phone while I’m at it hehehe.
  2. Use the internet while at work: You can use the work internet freely during your lunch break or after work hours as long as it it allowed. Don’t forget to use the incognito browser if you don’t want the IT department to know your browsing and search history! If you’re able to get hold of the wireless password then you can also connect via a phone or iPad.
  3. Browse the internet while you’re at the station: Many underground stations in London are now WiFi enabled, check here for information on what stations are equipped with free WiFi courtesy of Virgin Media.
  4. Go to your local library All libraries have computers connected to the internet that they offer library members. Just register for a card and ask the librarian their protocol for using the free internet.
  5. Invest in a cashback mobile contract: Many phone contracts have cashback deals where a large sum of money in the form of a cheque is returned back to you after a few months time; this is only if you send off your invoice within the time period given. Some of these cashback contracts render the phone contract free and therefore you will receive a free phone, contract and free mobile internet. Feel free to Skype to your heart’s content!
  6. Find an internet connection available near you: Some people tether their mobile phones which others can connect to. There are also some people who forget to save a password on their wireless internet which you may be able to use if you are able to connect to it.
  7. Go grab a coffee or a small snack: There are many cafes and also Mc Donalds restaurants that provide patrons with free WiFi; this may sometimes be limited by 20 minutes or by creating a free account. This also includes various bars. Look out for the WiFi sticker on their window or door.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that it may help you, should you be visiting the city or are without internet access at home like me.

If you have any other suggestions please feel free to comment!

-Keki xoxo

Win a beautiful homemade Swarovski Necklace – Christmas Giveaway!

Christmas GiftMy friend Krystal from is giving away one of her handmade Swarovski necklaces for free! This necklace isn’t listed on her store and is being kept a secret. So when the winner receives his/her gift, it’ll really be like how a Christmas present should be – A lovely surprise ^_______^

To have a chance in winning, head over to the Essencious giveaway post and follow the steps in the Rafflecopter widget! Do forget to hit the “I did this!” button to actually enter into the prize draw!

Hurry! There are only 10 days left to enter!

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Early Birthday Celebrations, Halloween and Giveaway!

It’s been a while! I hope you’ve all been well. I’ve been rather busy with work and also searching for a job overseas to teach English. How exciting! It’s a lot to prepare and the waiting of emails arriving in the inbox as well as organising a time to have my interview is exhausting!

Speaking of organising things, I held an early birthday party for myself a month early on the 25th October. :) Why? Well it was forecasted that snow would befall the United Kingdom during the month of October. However this hasn’t happened yet and I just didn’t want to hold the event in November to find that a blizzard hits, trains are cancelled and that my friends and I will be stranded in Brighton… Anywhoo, all that didn’t happen and people preferred to attend it in October rather than November due to work – it was hard to take time off as it was approaching Christmas (YES IT’S HAPPENING!!! >w<) – but not all could make it :( I had lots of fun nonetheless! We went to Nine Rooms for 2 hours of karaoke and then walked through a very windy parade alongside the seaside toward Day’s Buffet Restaurant where we all stuffed our faces with food. I especially enjoyed the dumplings, sushi and the desserts. The noodles the chef cooked were very salty and I felt the need to actually go around the counter and teach him how to cook noodles… Didn’t finish them which I thought was a waste of food but I didn’t want to overdo it with my sodium intake… Once full of food we headed to the Pier, to go enjoy some seaside fun but it was closed! >_< So we had to find the nearest arcade to play on the claw machines as Kim really wanted to win a toy hehe. It’s a shame that there is only one arcade left in Brighton and it was half filled with gambling and slot machines – boo. I received a handful of early birthday presents (see below) which I all love. Thank you all so much!

My adorable and funny early birthday presents this year!

Halloween had just passed. Did any of you go Trick or Treating? I took my cousins out on Sunday and they were both terrified to ring people’s doorbells. The lady at the first door we knocked on wasn’t prepared for the early Trick or Treaters (why was everyone doing it on time this year??) and told us to come back tomorrow (i.e. GO AWAY!). I tried my hardest to avoid old people’s houses because I know about their hatred for little kids, plus they never have sweets. But to my avail I pressed the wrong doorbell and the old couple muttered under their breath “Oh For God’s Sake” and trekked up the staircase to return back with 2 small chocolates they were saving from their trip at the local hotel (well at least they gave us chocolates! Just didn’t know how long they kept them as a memento was all…) Since this wasn’t going too well I took my little cousins to houses I knew the owners of and thought would actually HAVE sweets; basically friends and nice people who live in the village that have children. Why I didn’t do this earlier I don’t know. Maybe I just wanted to venture out into the darkness and see who lives where (stalker alert!) Though having a rough start, we returned with a fair amount of sweets so I was happy :)

On another note, Krystal over at Essencious has organised a Christmas giveaway for everyone out there anticipating this festive season. She is giving away a necklace that is to be revealed once the giveaway ends and a winner is announced. So it’ll be a lovely Christmas present surprise and a lot of suspense!  Head over to the Essencious giveaway post to find out more details on how to enter now!

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