Review: Massage at FDL Beauty

FDL Beauty is situated in Old Street and offers patrons hair cuts as well as a range of beauty packages; including massages. I’ve been wanting to have a massage for some time now and since Groupon had a deal going, I went ahead and bought it. The place is not far from Old Street station at all, only an 8 minute walk. It is a small parlour with two separate rooms so if you’re looking to book as a group, don’t expect to have your massages together or at the same time. I went with a couple of friends and our bookings were one after another; this was due to their layout, plus there were only two female masseuses available.

Massage room

Upon arrival, the receptionist greeted me with politeness and a big smile. I was asked about my voucher which I had totally forgot to bring since I gave my code over the phone. They didn’t seem to mind about a hard copy soon after. After filling out a form regarding health issues and and body pain, my masseuse approached me with a warm welcome and led me to one of the massaging rooms in the corner. This room was lit by candles and had soothing music playing in the background that made it very relaxing. After getting under the towel with only panties on (awkward!) I tried to calm my nerves as I had never done something like this before.

My masseuse asked if I was ticklish before we started which I answered no. She then proceeds to raises one of my legs with a rolled up towel and would move the towel back to reveal the area she wanted to work on. A full body massage includes, legs, back, arms, shoulders, neck and front chest. I was very relaxed in the room and enjoyed my massage. The pressure applied was good and not too strong to the point I was breaking. I guess I felt a little awkward when I had to lay on my back but she was very professional and gentle too.

After telling me that it was finished, she dimmed the lights and told me I could rest a few minutes before getting changed. All I wanted to do was fall asleep at that point. Lol! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will probably visit again. I read some bad reviews online when I was booking it but they were all proven wrong. I would recommend this place to anyone :)

Have you had a massage before? How did your feel about your experience?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Review: 3D Nail Embellishments

Whilst shopping for Christmas presents I came across these 3D nail embellishments from Primark. They were inexpensive and had a lot of colours in the range, I really wanted to try them out! I bought one with iridescent beads and a hot pink nail varnish.

Pretty Candy Beads
Pretty Candy Beads

The nail varnish color really stands out and is long wearing; so you could just use it on its own. The beads turn out to look like bubbles or little candy beads on your nails -very cute.

Funnel to pour beads back
Comes with a cute funnel

The whole process was easy to do and took only about half an hour to 40 minutes to complete. Basically when you apply your second coat, pour the beads to the wet varnish before it dries and leave it for 15-20 minutes to set. The nail set also comes with a mini funnel to pour all the unused beads back into the jar :)

Hot Pink Nail Varnish
Love this Hot Pink Nail Varnish

I got a little impatient and started using my hands again and did the washing up. So the edges aren’t covered no more. So to keep them fully covered I would suggest to watch TV whilst using this product.

The beads do tend to fall out over the course of the week so do be careful with children or when eating.
If you want the embellishments to last longer without falling out put a top coat on; the instructions don’t tell you to do this but i tried it on one nail and found that one has all the beads still intact compared to the other nails.
I found the beads tend to catch on woolly clothing; making my new scarf unhappy. Maybe something to time for the summer time?

If possible, I would try to form little bow decals with the beads but this would require some stencils; I will look into it and experiment!

Would you try these nail embellishments?

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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Cherry Blossom Nail Art


I bought the Arizona Green Tea drink a while back and fell in love with its packaging.


I really wanted to replicate the sakura tree design as a nail design so I went ahead and tried it! This nail design is very simple to do and requires no nail art tools. Although its not exactly like the image on the bottle it’s very close and looks really pretty in real life. The only thing that takes long is waiting for the nail varnish to dry…

Approx. Design Time: 30 minutes
Tools: Toothpick, Nail Varnish
Nail Varnish I Used:
– Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Dragon
– Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Greenberry
– Arezia code 841
– Arezia code 881
– Collection Hot Looks in 60 Midnight

Step 1
Coat your nails with a base coat so it doesn’t stain your nails. Paint your nails with a tuquoise green base, I used Barry M’s.
Optional: You can paint your index finger or ring finger a different colour to add an asymmetric design and make the art stand out.


Step 2
Using a toothpick, dip one end in a dark nail varnish such as black, blue or brown. We are going to draw the branches. Starting from the cuticle, draw a staggered line to the edge of your nail. This forms the base of your tree. Next add thin branches from the tree. Just dab and pull the toothpick to create other small lines.


Step 3
Using a light pink nail varnish, I used Barry M’s baby pink, dab your toothpick into the puddle and start creating small to medium dots on the branches in clusters of 3 or 4. These become your sakura flowers. Space them out and randomise where your flowers go.


Step 4
Pick out a darker shade of pink, I chose this one by Azziona, and using your toothpick dot some of this colour over the already drawn sakura blossoms. This forms a shadow effect and makes them look more 3D. If you want you can make some mini flowers with this colour as well.


Step 5
Dab your toothpick into the darker shade of nail varnish you used for the tree branches. Now create tiny dots in the centre or off-center in your larger flowers.

Step 6
Top off with a clear nail varnish to seal the who look. Now you are done.

Let me know in the comments below if you would like more of these nail art posts and what you would like to see me create next!

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Bargain Hunting: Dresses, Make Up, Bags

On the July 4th weekend I went back home to visit mum in the countryside. The weather was lovely and really hot. So many people were on the roads towards the beaches but I went bargain hinting with my family instead.

Avom products

Every summer Sunday markets (car boot sales) open on large fields in towns and villages. We decided to head to one in Crawley to find any good unwanted clothes, books, furniture, produce or beauty products. These markets sell anything nowadays and many people have set up business selling at these large scale markets that run from 6am to 1pm. I vision it as an offline, cheaper eBay.

Floral dress

During my hunt I managed to grab some, new and old, dresses and Avon make-up. I would have bought some books for 25p but I didn’t want to carry a lot when I travelled back to London. Plus I haven’t found the time to finish my reading list yet! My cousin on the other hand did really well. She found some really nice dresses under £3, 2 wicker baskets (IKEA) for 40 pence each! Plus a cute moustache clock for £1.50 (worth £12) and little shark camera bag for £1.

These Sunday markets/car boot sales are a great way to clear out unwanted items in your home. Another man’s trash could be another man’s treasure. This is why my cousin and I are planning to sell at one ourselves. Just need time to do a good tidy of the wardrobe and pack items I wouldn’t mind selling for under £3.

Blue Polka dot Dress

There are many of these large scale car boot sales across the country so if you’re looking to find some bargains or just to get rid of stuff for some cash then try visiting one this weekend! The cost varies per market but its usually 50 pence entrance fee and around £10 to rent a stall space.

Do you love bargains? Have you visited a Sunday market before?

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Face lifting Face Masks

When I was on holiday I stocked up on some face masks. These particular ones were Sasatinne branded from the beauty store SaSa.

Sasatinne Face Masks

They are different to the ones you normally get in England as they are a thin sheet with handles for the ears. Not only do they have handles to hold the facial mask upright but it also has a second set that helps lift up the chin.

The face mask out of its packaging

The mask states that they help firm the skin and lift it back up. I also bought the version that helps with acne and blemishes.

I look like a ghost wearing the mask

When applied, it feels very cool and refreshing. Although the mask pulls on my ears it doesn’t feel to uncomfortable.

Easy to hook, ear handles

After application I rub and excess residue on my skin and it makes my skin feel smoother. Then I’ll head to sleep and wake up the next morning with super soft hydrated skin!

Cool hooks for the ears to lift up the chin area

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

Do you use face masks too? Would you try this particular one?

With love,
Keki xoxo

Liese Bubble Foam Hair Dye Review

I’ve heard a lot of friends and beauty bloggers raving about this Japanese hair dye product, Liese, that foams in your hand and wanted to try it out for a long time. I finally got the chance when I was visiting Hong Kong in March.


I purchased Liese in Cassie Berry, a plum reddish colour, from Watsons who were having a promotion on the product at the time. The Liese hair dye range covers hair colours from blonde, red and black. All their colours are very wearable and the packaging shows the outcome according to your hair colour. Surprisingly the outcome was very close to the photo because I have jet black hair and usually the colour shown in the photo doesn’t match. However my hair colour is more noticeable under light.


The product was very very easy to use as the instructions were in English as well as Chinese and Japanese. So anyone would be able to understand them.


The chemicals had to be mixed together to form the foam base product. You should not over mix it or frantically shake the bottle like other hair dyes as the product will foam in the bottle and will be hard to dispense.


I was surprised to hear that I was able to use this product on dry hair, so I ended up watching TV in my hotel room which is really nice as the hair dye process can take up to an hour.


The bubbles don’t easily lather in your dry hair so I found you need to pump a lot if the solution and massage it on your scalp for it to properly lather like shampoo. The product doesn’t run and I found my hair mouldable, I had a lot of fun with this as your can see from the photo below.


I would really recommended this product if you’re not experienced with dying your hair as it is really simple and quick to do. It is also ideal for ladies in a rush! You just mix, pump and massage until your whole hair is covered with bubbles! Then you wait for an hour till the colour sets and just rinse with water,  shampoo and the conditioner provided. It’s so simple!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

With Love,

Kekidoll xoxo

Skin Food Blog Sale

I have bought a few bottles of Skin Food skincare products to try recently, read my review on some of their products, and planned to have a blog sale for the rest of the items. Please read on if you are interested in purchasing some Skin Food products to try yourself for a competitive price!
UK patrons only– sorry, most packaging is glass which is heavy for me to ship overseas safely.
P&P: £3.95 + £1.50 per item thereafter.

peach sake pore bb cream
Peach Sake BB Cream – Shade 1 (Light Beige)
A light coloured matte liquid foundation with a pump dispenser that regulates sebum and oils
In Stock: SOLD OUT
Price: £10.00 each

peach sake emulsion
Peach Sake Emulsion
This emulsion boasts to minimise shine and the appearance of pores. It is rich in vitamin a & c to remove greasiness
In Stock: SOLD OUT
Price: £15.00 per bottle

skinfood avocado rich essence I
Avocado Essence No.1
A liquid essence that hydrates and nourishes dull skin
In Stock: 5
Price: £12.00 per bottle

skinfood avocado rich essence II
Avocado Essence No.2
A cream essence that hydrates and nourishes dull skin
In Stock: 5
Price: £12.00 per bottle

avocado eye balm
Avocado Eye Balm
An anti-wrinkle eye balm to help eliminate puffiness, plus hydrates deeply the under-eye area
In Stock: 3
Price: £14.00 each

Skinfood Avocado Rich Emulsion
Avocado Emulsion
Use for deep hydration before sleeping and wake up to baby soft skin
In Stock: 3
Price: £14.00 per bottle

black raspberry eye cream
Black Raspberry Eye Cream
An anti-aging eye cream for dry skin that hydrates the area under the eyes
In Stock: 3
Price: £15.00 each

black sugar mask wash off
Black Sugar Mask
This sugar mask exfoliates, cleanses and revitalises skin; also smells edible… Use this the night before for really soft and supple skin.
In Stock: 8
Price: £8.00 per tub

black sesame hot mask
Black Sesame Hot Mask
Deep cleanse your pores with this hot mask for soft and smooth skin.
In Stock: 3
Price: £8.00 per tub

To place an order, please leave a comment below with:
– the item you would like to purchase
– the amount
– your email address to contact you (enter in the normal box)

I will endeavour to process all orders, your details/comment will not be posted and will purely be used for this sale.
This is operated on a first come first serve basis.

Many thanks,
– Keki xoxo

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