Happy New Year! A review of 2015

Happy New Year all you cuties! I hope you all had a wonderful time with friends and family!

For my Christmas break, I ended up spending time with family and friends. It was a lovely time off and great to catch up with everyone, but I felt that tired hosting so many parties! I think I’ll have to have a rest for a while before hosting another event…

So looking back at 2015, what were my highlights from each month?

New year, new beginnings, exciting times! I ate my way through the first month hehe. Visited a LEGO art exhibition and went to Winter Wonderland.

Spent Valentine’s dinner as a 3rd wheel but had the weekend with my other half :P Also attended a couple birthday parties :D My Chinese New Year was spent running around Chinatown looking for a place to eat and locating this man with golden balloons with Sue…

Attended the BSTF nationals with my TKD group (as a cheerleader) and my friend’s brother’s wedding. Also held a bake sale competition at work – I won best presentation :D

Attended Hyper Japan at Earl’s Court. Sadly this place is to be demolished and turned into a hotel :(

Went to the May MCM Expo.

I participated in the annual Kaichi event where Kaichi High School from Japan comes to London to practice their English and learn about the culture. It’s such a great experience where you get to meet new people and learn about the Japanese culture too. I attended my first free gaming event and got some freebies. Also managed to get my red belt in TKD! Nathan invited us to play crazy golf for his birthday and Manni had a meat-filled birthday at Bodeans :D

Visited friends in Ireland! We’ve never met but it was such a warm welcome and the distance didn’t make anything awkward at all! Friends will always be friends <3

Friends in Ireland
Friends in Ireland

Moved away from London and into my new flat! Had a lovely evening out bowling with colleagues for our team event. Also helped create a teaser video for our TKD group.

Visited Japan! YAY! Was so happy, really want to go back and visit again.

I attended MCM Expo in London for Kekiko and spent Halloween in Amsterdam.

My birthday month! Basically had a lovely meal with friends in Soho. I also decided it was time to stop TKD as I was living too far out from London to justify travel costs and travel times.

Spent Christmas chilling with family, playing mahjong and filling my belly with lots of yummy food. Also made my first ever gingerbread house with my little cousin! We had so much fun and I didn’t realise that the packet didn’t come with sweets to decorate (fail!) and thus we rummaged through the cupboards for sprinkles and sweets. My friends also came round for Christmas and New Years for some karaoke and video games. My team in the office also converted our area into Narnia! Crazy but it was such an amazing environment to work in and felt like we were working outdoors! I also had to help plan and organise the company Christmas party and ended up throwing a Great Gatsby themed prohibition event. We kitted out the bar venue with DIY props, a personalised video and personalised posters so everyone was involved.

Wishing you all a prosperous 2016 and a very happy, fun-filled year!

Best wishes,

Kekidoll xoxo

Platter for 2

Bodeans. A meat feast fit for a king.

So for Manni’s birthday we all were invited to Bodeans for dinner.  Bodeans is a BBQ meat shack that boasts delicious barbecued meats in hearty portions. So if you’re a hungry hippo or feeling extra hungry, the this is the place for you.
The menu
The decor inside has a western ranch-like feel to it. With hanging wall ornaments to antler lamps.
Antler Lamps
Restaurant Decor
As a group of 5, we ordered a dish each and a platter for 2 one (sidejoke) to share between us. The meal was absolutely delicious and we managed to devour the whole table of food. I think we consumed too much salt for one evening though…
Ready for their meal
And without further adieu, I present you the glorious meats. Which I like to call foodporn. You should look away now if you’re a herbivore…
Honeycomb Milkshakes

Beef Ribs

Baby Rack of Ribs

Platter for 2
Our platter for “1”

Steak with Sweet Potato Frites

Our Bodeans Meal
Our Bodeans Meal

Where’s your best BBQ shack?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s the year of the ram today! Happy Chinese New Year!

新年快樂,恭喜發財,身體健康, 羊年發大財,萬事順意,恭喜恭喜。☺😁🎉🎊💖💕

There are many Chinese celebrations happening throughout the UK and especially in London this weekend. There’s a Chinese food market near my workplace and they will also have lion dances, sponsored by Wing Yip. So I know what I’ll be doing for lunch!



My family celebrated our family meal together early and had a big feast! We had so much meat and veg that I couldn’t eat it all! Too stuffed…


Some of them played mahjong whilst my cousins and I gamed on the Wii U and our 3dses. I was battling it out on FF: Rhythm Theatre Call. However it was hard to win since I didn’t practice a lot xD

How are you all celebrating? Will you go see the festivities?

Reminder about Kekiko celebration!

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

February celebrations

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ended up watching Kingsmen with my hanni yesterday which we found fun! So much excitement and hilarious moments. Think they had too much fun with their budget xD Everyone should go watch it. By the time it finished, all the restaurants were closed so we ended up having to grab a Subway and he cooked a curry after xP Nomming!


Today, Nam and Sue kindly invited me to join them for dinner at Flesh & Buns, a branch of Bone Daddies. The food was very tasty and I shall be blogging about it very soon!

Chinese New Year is next week as well and I’m having dinner with family. Then karaoke with friends on the weekend ^^


To celebrate CNY 2015 Year of the Sheep, I’ve honored a 10% off the whole Kekiko shop!

Please help me spread the word.

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Hello 2015

Hi guys, it’s been a while. Sorry that I’ve been on hiatus for a long time. I just didn’t find the time to post about my adventures and many more things happened near the end of 2014.

I hoped everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Joyful New Year!

Love Kekidoll

I received a lovely card from Joy all the way from America ^^ Was such a nice surprise to come home to. I shall make some space to hang those butterflies in my room!

My Christmas was spent with the whole family eating and playing Mahjong, whilst the kids gamed Smash Bros. Apprantly they were really into it and 8 man Smash Bros can be deadly…

Posing the infamous "BubzHubz" face...
Zomg banquet much?

I also celebrated with my TKD team with bundles of food…

Please miss, may I have some more?

The meat came out so late that most of us were full from sides and Mac & cheese. There was just so much prepared. Thank you for organising Minh & Linh!

So so much. We had to take doggy bags!

New years was a little boring and was mostly at home. Watched the countdown and fireworks on TV with my cousin.

It farted sparkles and pretty lights

It was a nice end to the year and I hope 2015 will bring me more luck, hope and joy to the future. Let’s leave the past behind us and move positively forward!

I didn’t really make any resolutions but will strive to,
– post often
– work  hard
– draw more
– finish what I started off

How was your new year? Please share in the comments!

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Officially a Green Belt

I’ve been a little behind with updating the blog and replying to comments lately. Still need to work on that!

Just passed!!

Life had been busy in and out of work. We have a good few websites launching, new office to be opening up (business trip soon, yay!) And I’ve also been doing a lot of training for Tae Kwon Do. We had a 6 hour fight camp last Sunday which also included grading (it went on for 3 hours because there were soooo many of us!)

Watching Master Bae teach us the way
Watching Master Bae teach us the way

I’m pleased to tell you that I passed! (Pretty sure you gathered that from the title and/or my instagram.) So now I am a half way to becoming a Black Belt but still have yet to perfect my 360s and also or more power into my kicks… I somehow feel it gets lost or maybe it’s my body telling me “noooo you’ll damage the poor kid” and decided to conserve the power on release… ‘Tis annoying.

The grading session was the longest and everyone was really tired after it. We had to drive for 2 hours to get to the hall in Surrey. So everyone got to bond in the car, playing yellow car and having fun. It was a nice day trip. For those who dont know what grading is, you’re graded on your knowledge of the martial art. You therefore perform certain kicks -on the dlr and also in stances- plus hand techniques. There are also sequences we need to learn called poomsae. It takes time to perfect it all and it for to the point where I practised my poomsae at the bus stop and at work.

After accomplishing this milestone I now need to focus on grading for blue belt which requires 2 new poomsae patterns to learn a whole load of other advanced techniques and much more control. My a is for December (2 gradings away) so if I begin now, I’ll be awesome by Christmas time!

Tae Kwon Do Training
I look scary man…

The white and yellow belts are getting ready for student nationals now so all is seniors (man feels so old) have to help them practice. Wish them all good luck!

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

All of us on New Years

Happy New Year!

Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year filled with joyful events, wonderful times and a prosperous year.

All of us on New Years
All of us on New Years <3

Before the New Year, my friends and I went to the Christmas trail at Kew Gardens.

I found it disappointing since it wasn’t Christmassy at all. Yes there were pretty lights that illuminated the trees and path to help you be along your way but it wasn’t fancy at all. There were speakers that emitted robotic sounds which they (the scientists) believe are the voices of the aquatic plants.

So along the illuminated trail, there were people who were “talking” to the plants by chucking stones into the pond or jar. However my friend believes it is just the vibrations from the stone when it hits the water; I kinda believe that more. Anyway, the transcripts should be available online early April 2014.

For new years eve we all went round JoJo’s house for a teppanyaki night. There was a LOT of food so we all filled our stomachs, ready for the night ahead of us.

Teppanyaki Grill
Look at all the food galore!!
Eating our meat wrapped in lettuce
Eating our meat wrapped in lettuce
Teppanyaki Grill

When the clock stroke midnight, the TV on, champagne was poured and we were slowly counting down to the New Year, anticipating for the fireworks of London.

The fireworks this year were amazing. There was soooo much flare, color and variation. I think we had the best seats in the house – in front of the wide screen TV – others at the event had to stand in the pouring rain.

Bub from Bubble Bobble
I drew Bub from Bubble Bobble

After the countdown, we tried to release some sky lanterns with wishes written on. Although most of us knew it wouldn’t work due to the storm and high wind, we still tried. We managed to light both lanterns after a good 5 minutes trying to block the wind but before it could fill up with hot air, it started to burn the tissue paper and create a hole :( so even after releasing the lantern didn’t fly very far…

Korean Dance Festival
Korean Dance Festival on the wii

After our failed attempt at the sky lanterns we ended up back at the house singing karaoke to English, Chinese and Korean songs ^^

Playing Just Dance on the Wii
Posing for Just Dance on the Wii

Then at 4am we did up Just Dance on the Wii and did lots of boogie-ing. I found that the Korean dances had more challenging moves and actually make you move your whole body more then the English version. It also had Wonder Girls’ Nobody which Krystal and I plan to master lol!


I didn’t go to bed till 7am so I was really tired and had been leaving sleep until last night.

Hope everyone enjoyed the New Year! How were the fireworks for you?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Tiko’s Birthday at Big Easy

Prawns, Crab, Squid Seafood Platter!
Our Starters

Besides going to Bodeans, Tiko had decided to hold a second party with his closer group of friends at Big Easy near Sloane Square. This is an Southern American diner type foodie place that serves lobster and different types of barbecued meats.

Ribs and Prawns
Delicious Ribs!

We had pre-ordered our meal beforehand since we were a large party of 11 people. There was a mixture of meat and seafood being served on higher platters; it was so overwhelming! We devoured all the squid, prawns, mussels and prawn crackers that came first as we were all so hungry only to find that they were the starters.

After almost filling my belly I tried to leave room for my mains which came in massive platters filled with ribs, chicken and prawns slathered in bbq sauce. The second platter came with a selection of seafood, including lobster, prawns, crabs and more mussels. We also had four huge baskets of chips, coleslaw and also a bowl of baked beans. Mmmmm yum yum!

Chicken Wings and Squid Platter
Chicken Wings and Squid Platter

Everyone had very satisfied bellies and I had to roll out the restaurant. There was just so much food!

My food bill came to £40 (approx.) I think this was reasonable considering that I did eat quite a bit. However due to the nature of the food devoured (mostly meats) I think it could have been slightly cheaper. Well since everyone ended up sharing the platters they had ordered it was harder to actually split the food and the bill. So I didn’t mind. It was a birthday celebration after all ^^

Would you have been able to devoured this amount of food with your group of friends?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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