Review: Captain America – Winter Soldier

Warning: The following post may contain spoilers. However I will try my best to review my thoughts without ruining your future experience. Please be warned.
Having never seen the first movie this was surprisingly easy to understand and follow on. The story begins from Captain America, Steve Rodgers, being unfrozen after (I think) 50 years. There had been a distress signal from one of S.H.I.E.L.D’s (a government defense department) ships due to a pirate hijack. So off goes Captain America to save the day. So if you’re a huge action fan this film already begins with scenes of amazing fight choreography. Although having jumped off a plane without a parachute, landed into the sea and being able to fight without restrain from water tension is baffling to me; can someone tell me if his suit is waterproof or has amazing drying abilities?

Captain America

However the plot delves further and towards the end, all the pieces of the jigsaw start to fit together and the plot twists (as usual). The villians are Hydra, who developed the Winter Soldier – a powerful killing machine of a man with a robotic metal arm, and the hero’s, S.H.I.E.L.D – when I first heard the pirates talking about “making S.H.I.E.L.D pay”, I seriously thought they were calling Captain America Shield Lol. Anyway, Hydra had actually been slowly growing under the governments noses and had almost taken over the world until it was all revealed when some crucial players were started to be hunted down. There was a part of the film which made me jump, made me pray for the Captain and at one point I thought, “Nuuu! All is lost now ;-;”

So I really enjoyed this movie and thought it was a great storyline. If you do go to the cinema to see it be sure to stay after the credits (they reminded me of pixar’s The Incredibles) as there is a short scene with something from the first movie that you’d want to catch before you leave your seat!!

Let me know your thoughts on this movie in the comments below.

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Living Without the Internet

I’ve been without the internet at home for over six months. This began when I moved out from home and started living with three other people. Many of my friends have asked me, “how do you do it?” Or “how do you survive?” But I just have and still am.

I understand how important it is to have the internet in this day and age, what with all the social media platforms and everything accessible on your mobile phone. However, I found that without unlimited internet, I have more free time to do things which I’ve never done before, completed unfinished projects and gone out to explore more! In these 7 months I’ve managed to pick up a little Spanish in some evening classes, started learning Tae Kwon Do to work some exercise into my life, baked a lot more, increased my catalogue of films with a Cineworld card, plus made a lot more little crafts in my spare time.

Although I say I live without internet, this is only specifically at home, I do have access to it on my phone bundle and also at work; so I’m not entirely without the intermanets :) (How else did you expect me to blog this?) So I wouldn’t know what it would be like to have no internet at all!

I do crave it now and then. Sometimes to search for something on Google, watch a video on YouTube when I’m bored, look up the answer to an argument, research facts/people/celebrities, download songs or even recipes. When I have mobile data it’s easy for me to do these things, but I’ve managed to use up all my data streaming episodes of ‘The New Normal’. I’ve been using the internet at work ever since, but the long Easter weekend just went by so I technically was internet-free for 4 whole days! I just had lazy days watching DVDs indoors; managed to finish Season One of New Girl and Arrested Development!

My instagram suffered – my daily photos now has a massive gap in it, so I’ve failed my new years start to a personal 365 day instagram project :( Some other inconveniences and cons for having no internet include, my friends having a big conversation on whatsapp without me (imagine walking into a conversation late and missing all the action), getting invited to go to an event via whatsapp which I never received (although it was cancelled shortly after), not keeping up to date with the world via twitter and Facebook (found out people gave birth and I had no clue, plus friends have gone on holiday to Japan! Jealous!) I also rely a lot on Facebook notifying me of friend’s birthdays… I know, I’m terrible. Anyway, we rely on the internet a lot, I believe I still do but I’ve learnt to use it wisely, efficiently and adapt to a life without it. I’ve also managed to find ways to get free internet to use which is helpful!

Would you be able to stop using the internet or handle a limited usage?


Living in London

It’s been 6 months since I’ve moved to London. I’ve settled onto my new job and my new home. I’ve gotten to know my housemates a little more and vice versa. I’ve learnt to make quick dinners and look after myself so I don’t fall ill; although it is hard to when your colleagues are prone to be I’ll everyday…

Becoming a Londoner is quite scary, the people in London aren’t so much as friendly as those from the village I come from. If you greet a stranger in the morning you may be given looks or that they might start stalking you- this has happened to me. There are some who will say “hi” back but in such a busy city, no one has time for you. However there are some exceptions.

On the other side, there is a lot more to do so I’ve started to sign up for more new things to do such as learning Spanish, going to the cinema a lot more and starting Tae Kwon Do. I thought this would make my evenings more eventful and so I wouldn’t be cooped up inside the house. I also don’t have internet installed but have found it okay so far. It really isn’t convenient in this day and age and means you would need to go back to phoning friends and family more rather than using Skype but I’m managing and haven’t found it dire that I seriously need the internet. Many of my friends think I’m mad and ask how i cope, I believe it’s due to the fact that I have internet at work and on my mobile so I’m not 100% internet-deprived. Maybe when I have a place of my own and know for sure that I will be staying for a long time I will install it.

Have you started anything new for the new year? Would you have been able to cope without internet if you lived out? Let me know in the comments below!


Wreck-It Ralph

My housemate managed to get us tickets to see Wreck-It Ralph at a private screening before it was release on Feb 8th. This was only available to Cineworld unlimited card holders by booking in advance; the tickets were all sold out by the time we arrived, and that was 2 hours beforehand!

Tickets to see Wreck-It Ralph!

Wreck-It Ralph is a film about an arcade that comes to life after closing. The virtual characters we see in-game live a second life behind the screen and travel via the wires to games central where they can socialise. The main story is about Ralph who is the bad guy in his game and is sick of being thrown off the building at the end for 30 years. He wants to be the hero for once. This is when his journey to change his life begins… He meets new friends, joins a ‘bad guys anon’ therapy group and somehow becomes the hero he sought to be in his own way. See the trailer.

Since we had time to spare and I was starving, we went to Las Igauas for dinner. It was a lovely place and my first time there. They served Latin foods and was very similar to Mexican. We ordered a few tapas and a main each and was so full up from the tapas!

Our tapas

We ordered Calamari, Nachos and Prawns. There was a lot when it arrived, the prawns came with a side of bread which I found odd because I’ve never heard that bread comes as a side with prawns. So we ate it separately and ended up dipping it in all the sauces hehe.
Our mains

For the mains we ordered Enchiladas and Pollo con Chorizo. It was so much food for us and we had to “roll out the door” when it was time to go view the film. Very tasty!

The film was amazing and I would recommend it to every who enjoys animation, retro games, gaming in general and a lot of fun plus humour. The story was magical and full of life. I also had not seen the twist coming at all!

It contains many of our childhood favourites such as Pac-Man, Sonic, Street Fighter and Mario. It’s enough to bring viewers back to memory lane! An 8-bit lane was created by Disney to promote Wreck-It Ralph in London!

Ready to watch the film!

Wreck-It Ralph comes out in the UK on February 8th! Save the date!

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