Easter Joyfulness [Competition at End!]

Party Shinanigans

Easter was a while back and for the long weekend my friends and I had a karaoke party in Chinatown. We went to China City and was singing for a good 5 hours till they shut we couldn’t anymore.


We sung, we laughed, we raved and some of us got drunk – very drunk. I ended up taking 5 friends home to my small shared house as some of the guys were helping me with our drunk friends, plus they couldn’t get home. I always feel bad for leaving people stranded, plus Mc Donald’s had closed down now so there wasn’t a shelter to stay under till the first train home. Gotta let them sleep round right? Luckily my old housemate moved out so we had a spare room and bed to fit everyone in :)


It was a very good night and due to that I ended going karaoke again but to Karaoke Box in Soho. Karaoke Box is very swish and much nicer. However their song selection mostly consists of English charts and it’s all instrumental. Ergo, if you’re not an amazing singer you may hate hearing your voice. China City on the other hand has MVs that play with the choice of having the original singer singing along so it’s like an aid if you’re ‘tone deaf’ like myself hahaha.


My Duty as a Citizen
I was also on Jury Service for 2 weeks over Easter. I had to take time off work and do my duty as a UK citizen. It was an interesting experience but not as exciting as everyone made it out to be. All my friends seemed to be jealous of me and wondered why they weren’t picked. *le shrug*

I found sitting in the jury box can be a long and boring process because you are literally sitting there for a whole day listening to the same story repeated over and over by different people from their point of view.

If you ever get picked to do jury service, always bring something to keep you occupied like a book or a tablet with films on it. At the beginning you will be sitting for hours on end and if your name doesn’t get called, you’ll be waiting for some time longer. You must also be very open as you could be sitting on any case, it doesn’t go as smoothly as the shows on TV as there are always hiccups or things (matters of the law) that arise which can postpone trials. You’re also basically locked in a room with your fellow jurors when you’re not in court so remember to bring food and lots of snacks too to keep your energized and replenished throughout the day!

The duty is also a lot of responsibility as it’s up to you to find out if you believe the defendant is guilty or not guilty based on the evidence given. I ended being on 2 and a half trials. The last one took us 4 hours to decide on a verdict since we couldn’t all come to a unanimous decision. >.< I think it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made in my life as it isn’t as simple as they make it in films/dramas.

Competition Announcement
To celebrate Easter my shop, Kekiko, is holding a small giveaway for a cute mini Molang bunny! Just guess how many mini eggs were used in the photo below! (Hint: There are 3 layers)

For more details on how to win just check out the top post on my Facebook page linked below! Go join now!

Entries: www.fb.com/kekiko
End Date: 10th May 2014


Good Luck!
– Kekidoll xoxo

Review: Nizumi | Choi’s Quarter Life Crisis

My ex-wifey turned 25 two days after my birthday and decided to hold her birthday party later that weekend.

Nizumi Table

We went to a Japanese restaurant that was owned by Koreans (I got so confused when I heard them speak). Here we had a £30 set menu that included an array of food including sashimi salad, sushi, tempura, a main and ice cream for dessert. There was a lot of food and I was stuffed by the end of it!
Our tempura ebi

The staff were very friendly although I thought their service was a little slow; this could be that we were such a big group (25) people get missed out. I had to flag someone down just to order my main (even though the waitress stood next to me and took my friend’s order but skipped me o.o) then later on, my drink (they failed to ask if I wanted a drink…)
Our sashimi salad

However, once everyone has sat down and got they orders, the food came steadily. There was a lot of appetisers which were a very good amount, however some of the sushi was shared between 4 people and there was sometimes only one piece of a type of sushi. I think people had to do Jan Ken Pon (rock, paper, scissors) or nab it quickly if they wanted it. It was fun. The food was delicious though. I really enjoyed the sashimi salad!
I think this was beef

Afterwards, the manager have us 30 mins free karaoke for being good patrons (we spent almost 1k!!) and also for charging the birthday girl extra for some guests who didn’t arrive. When our time was up, we didn’t want to leave and kept choosing more songs to the point the waiter pulled a face when we said, “one more!”

I had a lot of fun and it was very good food here. I believe everyone was very satisfied with their meal.
Aisukurimu <3

What’s the one thing you always order at a Japanese restaurant? I always try to try the sushi!

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Karaoke for Chinese New Year

So we head into the year of the snake yesterday. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

New years eve was spent with a bunch of friends going to Karaoke in London. It was an eventful night albeit a little hassle and something I wasn’t expecting.

At karaoke

Aside from singing to my hearts content, I ended up looking after two rather drunk female friends and having to take them home because they were too smashed to be capable of returning home… One got knocked out by Tequlia shots and the other by Mr Jack Daniels. The guys and I vouched that on our next outing we shan’t be allowing them near a single drop of alcohol. I didn’t get back home till 8am on Chinese New Year morning. I had planned to go to Trafalgar to see the lion dance in the morning but that didn’t happen because I was too tired and the girls needed rest.
The guys rapping and singing

So my new year was an eventful one. I did end up singing all night till 4am though son I was happy about that. Just not from the stench on my clothes hahaha.

Did you celebrate Chinese New Year? Did you go see the celebrations in London? Xxx

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