Happy New Year! A review of 2015

Happy New Year all you cuties! I hope you all had a wonderful time with friends and family!

For my Christmas break, I ended up spending time with family and friends. It was a lovely time off and great to catch up with everyone, but I felt that tired hosting so many parties! I think I’ll have to have a rest for a while before hosting another event…

So looking back at 2015, what were my highlights from each month?

New year, new beginnings, exciting times! I ate my way through the first month hehe. Visited a LEGO art exhibition and went to Winter Wonderland.

Spent Valentine’s dinner as a 3rd wheel but had the weekend with my other half :P Also attended a couple birthday parties :D My Chinese New Year was spent running around Chinatown looking for a place to eat and locating this man with golden balloons with Sue…

Attended the BSTF nationals with my TKD group (as a cheerleader) and my friend’s brother’s wedding. Also held a bake sale competition at work – I won best presentation :D

Attended Hyper Japan at Earl’s Court. Sadly this place is to be demolished and turned into a hotel :(

Went to the May MCM Expo.

I participated in the annual Kaichi event where Kaichi High School from Japan comes to London to practice their English and learn about the culture. It’s such a great experience where you get to meet new people and learn about the Japanese culture too. I attended my first free gaming event and got some freebies. Also managed to get my red belt in TKD! Nathan invited us to play crazy golf for his birthday and Manni had a meat-filled birthday at Bodeans :D

Visited friends in Ireland! We’ve never met but it was such a warm welcome and the distance didn’t make anything awkward at all! Friends will always be friends <3

Friends in Ireland
Friends in Ireland

Moved away from London and into my new flat! Had a lovely evening out bowling with colleagues for our team event. Also helped create a teaser video for our TKD group.

Visited Japan! YAY! Was so happy, really want to go back and visit again.

I attended MCM Expo in London for Kekiko and spent Halloween in Amsterdam.

My birthday month! Basically had a lovely meal with friends in Soho. I also decided it was time to stop TKD as I was living too far out from London to justify travel costs and travel times.

Spent Christmas chilling with family, playing mahjong and filling my belly with lots of yummy food. Also made my first ever gingerbread house with my little cousin! We had so much fun and I didn’t realise that the packet didn’t come with sweets to decorate (fail!) and thus we rummaged through the cupboards for sprinkles and sweets. My friends also came round for Christmas and New Years for some karaoke and video games. My team in the office also converted our area into Narnia! Crazy but it was such an amazing environment to work in and felt like we were working outdoors! I also had to help plan and organise the company Christmas party and ended up throwing a Great Gatsby themed prohibition event. We kitted out the bar venue with DIY props, a personalised video and personalised posters so everyone was involved.

Wishing you all a prosperous 2016 and a very happy, fun-filled year!

Best wishes,

Kekidoll xoxo

Adorable sheep plushies!

WIN a Cute Sheep Plush from Kekiko!

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve been on the blogosphere, I’m going to try to get back into blogging once a week. Lots have been happening but something exciting it’s happening on my Facebook shop page! Iiiiiiit’s a giveaway!

Adorable sheep plushies!
Adorable sheep plushies!

The Kekiko store is giving away two cute little sheep plushies for free! Head over to the Facebook page now to check on details how to win these cuties! CLICK HERE or see the embedded post below :)

Kawaii Sheep Plush
Head to the Facebook page to enter the giveaway!

Good luck!

Kekidoll xoxo

I feel like making a chair out of Molang bunnies!

MCM Expo May 2015

Batman Cowls!
My little online kawaii store, Kekiko, exhibited at MCM Comic Con this May and it was a busy weekend for myself and my helpers!
Kekiko Stall :)
We had a great time meeting lots of new faces. As well as familiar ones.
Aisha Anime and Moi <3
There were a lot of great cosplayers some which I’ve managed to take a photo of who had past the stall. However, there were so many that were missed since the hall was huge and many people missed small areas.
Lulu and Ahri ^__^
For Hello Kitty’s 10th anniversary, she turned a large booth area into a mini garden fit with a caravan, teepee, photobooth and Hello Kitty chairs. There was free face painting, hair chalk, photos and a phone charging station to all their visitors for their #OneKindThing campaign. I went ahead and got pink hair chalk, my face painted (didn’t really wash it off…) and photos from the photobooth.
We got our faces painted :P
We’d definitely venture back in October!
I feel like making a chair out of Molang bunnies!
Check out the Facebook page for more photos from the weekend!

With love,

Kekidoll xoxo

February celebrations

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ended up watching Kingsmen with my hanni yesterday which we found fun! So much excitement and hilarious moments. Think they had too much fun with their budget xD Everyone should go watch it. By the time it finished, all the restaurants were closed so we ended up having to grab a Subway and he cooked a curry after xP Nomming!


Today, Nam and Sue kindly invited me to join them for dinner at Flesh & Buns, a branch of Bone Daddies. The food was very tasty and I shall be blogging about it very soon!

Chinese New Year is next week as well and I’m having dinner with family. Then karaoke with friends on the weekend ^^


To celebrate CNY 2015 Year of the Sheep, I’ve honored a 10% off the whole Kekiko shop!

Please help me spread the word.

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Clearbooks Community Exhibition 2015 at Microsoft #CBCE2015

I attended the Clearbooks Community Exhibition 2015 last week with my friend Sue. This was an exhibition that aided small businesses with their daunting admin tasks by sharing the Clearbooks platform to them. There were also talks on how to market your business, make it grow and create awareness online via social media marketing.

My Microsoft badge and #CBCE Program

Many small local businesses also exhibited to showcase their products and were able to mingle with other small businesses to potentially gain new customers. I managed to speak to a local printing company for t-shirt prints so be prepared for kawaii clothing coming soon possibly 2016!
The stage where all the speakers did their talks

The whole event was hosted and organised by Clearbooks in the Microsoft offices. Microsoft also kindly sponsored the lunch and refreshments throughout the day which was very nice and yummy.
A buffet styled lunch

Lunch is served

I don’t think I ate so much cake in a day…

Have you been to any event to help improve yourself or business lately?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

London Anime Comic Con

I’ve been quite busy lately trying to get everything sorted so I could exhibit at London Anime Con at The Rocket Complex at Holloway Road. It was so busy that they had to turn people away!

Ready for LACC!

The venue was split into many sections and I was hidden in the artists alley at the back of the hall. Many other exhibitors were upstairs in the main area.

So many cool cosplayers!

The weekend was fun and lots of people recognised the store thanks to many amazing websites and press people; especially Aisha from Anime Picks! I took lots of photos of cosplayers that came by my stall, you can see them all on my facebook page: Kekiko.

With YY from YY Kawaii

Some people managed to find the artist alley filled with amazing art and really cool looking hand made items ^^

Scary anime masks

I heard that there is one in June as well but I’m unsure if I’ll have enough time to attend since I’ll be going to MCM in May and Hyper Japan in July. Busy busy!!

These handmade Kigurumi Masks can cost up to a grand!

Oh, Happy Valentines!! What do you have planned today?

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

My Office Christmas Party


We had our Staff Christmas Party on Friday after work. We went to Professor Truman’s Magical Laboratory in Brick Lane. It was really hyped up and everyone was expecting a spectacular show filled with magic, potions and dramatic lights. However we were disappointed with “lab rats” (people dressed in lab coats) playing poi and the a “robot” built by the mad professor just jiggying his bum. Errr I think you will find that I know friends who can play poi better and even with fire (yes health and safety I know), but if I had a robot on stage I would expect it to breakdance and not just bop to the beat then release some steam towards the ceiling from it’s guns. My table wasn’t very happy about the show provided – short and not exciting.


The food was edible but not great at all. On paper it sounded lovely…

  • Starter: Oven roasted cranberry chutney and brie tart (v)
  • Main: Oven roasted succulent breast of chicken, cooked in an infusion of fresh thyme, rosemary and farmhouse butter, served with creamy garlic and parmesan mash potatoes and freshly roasted honey glazed winter vegetables
  • Dessert: Chocolate caramel truffle laced with a raspberry and chilli coulis

However what we got was a cold cheese tart (the sauce was nice though), chicken on a bed of mashed potato with vegetables (tasted fake, cheap and vegetables were bitter) and lastly a chocolate vanilla pudding with wild berry compote (there wasn’t enough chocolate flavour and the berry sauce was too bitter/tangy, thus not a great pairing). Even the vegetarian meal took 20 minutes to serve, after bringing it to their attention our party needed 7 veggie meals; apparently we didn’t notify in advance and they didn’t have enough food. I was told the vegetarian meal was cold and tasteless, so instead of giving bs about how they don’t have enough to serve, why couldn’t they at least heat up the food?! Sorry for sounding all ‘Come Dine with Me’ style whining but we paid £80 per person for this event and the Fun Committee had to organise it 6 months before. So everyone’s expectations were high and wanted it to trump our last Christmas party.


The entertainment provided wasn’t so bad. There was a photo booth, casino tables, arcade games and a batak board. I always like photobooths. They are always so much fun ^^


The disco was boring. They hadn’t even kitted out the room; just filled it with smoke. Surly they could have hung some Christmas decorations up and placed a cool dance floor. The music at the beginning was too old school for me to know what the song was. It wasn’t until I had to leave (last train home) that the Christmassy ones came on =.= Oh well.


Despite all that I still had a good time with my work friends and got quite tipsy drunk lol. Couldn’t really walk in my heels, thank goodness that I brought my flats along!

How were all your Christmas parties? If you haven’t had your yet, are you looking forward to it?

On another note, I launched my online shop! I am also holding a big giveaway where you can win a large Molang Bunny (pictured). See details to enter here: Kekiko’s Grand Opening Christmas Giveaway

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo


Announcement! New Store Launch at MCM Expo 2013

I’ve been meaning to start my own business for a while now but had never found the time to do it. After speaking to these motivational people who have made time for themselves to expand on their lives, it made me realise I was just procrastinating and stopping myself from achieving anything big.

“Chase your dreams”

So for MCM Comic Con tomorrow I will be there launching my new brand Kekiko. I will be there all weekend, from 25th – 27th October 2013! So come say hi!! We will be at stall W7!
We're near the front of the Expo!
I would also appreciate it if you would like my Facebook page as that would really help boost my morale and urge me to focus, plus work harder on this personal project.

Behind the Name

Keki PandaThe brand name was picked using my alias, Keki meaning ‘cake’ in Japanese since I absolutely love cake! I have a sweet tooth. Ko sounds like ‘co’, meaning company as in business or companionship. Therefore, put together it means Keki’s Company and also Keki & Friends. I have also named my two mascots, a couple of adorable little pandas, Keki and Kiko! So its all tying together and slowly being built upon. There is a lot to do and the range of items I’ve designed is small. I’ve just started to produce some hand made bookmarks for now and shall expand into more stationary, fashion and gift lines for the near future.

Wish me luck!

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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