My friend Tiko’s birthday event happened on Sunday 11th November where we all met up round his house for some games before heading down to Belgo in Covent Garden. We had been there before a few years back and I distinctively remember the mussels being exquisite. So this time I ordered the mussels with the Classic sauce, I was slightly disappointed with the size of the mussels since I was expecting medium sized squishy goodness but there was a lot in the pot served – I was satisfied. I was not able to finish my meal and actually had to give half of the pot to the birthday boy! 

The birthday boy had turned 28 three days beforehand which made me realise “Woah! Thats unsuspected…!” I hadn’t realised the years had flew by since I’ve met him, it still feels as if we were still those young teenagers gaming away till the middle of the night… Although it is still considered young it makes me think about what my perception was as a kid to be an adult. By his age I had thought I would be engaged and married in two years time with 2-3 kids. Now I think about it, it feels a little bit odd and too early to be shackled and chained to responsibility of children of your own. I feel there is so much in the world to explore and I still want to travel. I just feel that I haven’t really accomplished “life” and I would really like to achieve something amazing that I can be really proud of.

I’m starting to think about my TEFL course again and maybe should attempt at applying again in about a year or two, this time actually going out there and perusing the career rather than waiting for responses in my ‘safe zone’ at home. I would also like to start my own little creative business selling t-shirt prints and other customised items with my art on. It would be so much fun plus I’d get money for it! At the moment I am selling a Korean skincare line called Skin Food, it’s not as popular in the UK though and I’m finding it hard to shift the products amongst friends and family. I may start a small blog sale until I find a suitable way to sell my current stock.
There is so much to do in so little time I need to organise and plan my time to fit it all in. Wish me luck!

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