Happy New Year! A review of 2015

Happy New Year all you cuties! I hope you all had a wonderful time with friends and family!

For my Christmas break, I ended up spending time with family and friends. It was a lovely time off and great to catch up with everyone, but I felt that tired hosting so many parties! I think I’ll have to have a rest for a while before hosting another event…

So looking back at 2015, what were my highlights from each month?

New year, new beginnings, exciting times! I ate my way through the first month hehe. Visited a LEGO art exhibition and went to Winter Wonderland.

Spent Valentine’s dinner as a 3rd wheel but had the weekend with my other half :P Also attended a couple birthday parties :D My Chinese New Year was spent running around Chinatown looking for a place to eat and locating this man with golden balloons with Sue…

Attended the BSTF nationals with my TKD group (as a cheerleader) and my friend’s brother’s wedding. Also held a bake sale competition at work – I won best presentation :D

Attended Hyper Japan at Earl’s Court. Sadly this place is to be demolished and turned into a hotel :(

Went to the May MCM Expo.

I participated in the annual Kaichi event where Kaichi High School from Japan comes to London to practice their English and learn about the culture. It’s such a great experience where you get to meet new people and learn about the Japanese culture too. I attended my first free gaming event and got some freebies. Also managed to get my red belt in TKD! Nathan invited us to play crazy golf for his birthday and Manni had a meat-filled birthday at Bodeans :D

Visited friends in Ireland! We’ve never met but it was such a warm welcome and the distance didn’t make anything awkward at all! Friends will always be friends <3

Friends in Ireland
Friends in Ireland

Moved away from London and into my new flat! Had a lovely evening out bowling with colleagues for our team event. Also helped create a teaser video for our TKD group.

Visited Japan! YAY! Was so happy, really want to go back and visit again.

I attended MCM Expo in London for Kekiko and spent Halloween in Amsterdam.

My birthday month! Basically had a lovely meal with friends in Soho. I also decided it was time to stop TKD as I was living too far out from London to justify travel costs and travel times.

Spent Christmas chilling with family, playing mahjong and filling my belly with lots of yummy food. Also made my first ever gingerbread house with my little cousin! We had so much fun and I didn’t realise that the packet didn’t come with sweets to decorate (fail!) and thus we rummaged through the cupboards for sprinkles and sweets. My friends also came round for Christmas and New Years for some karaoke and video games. My team in the office also converted our area into Narnia! Crazy but it was such an amazing environment to work in and felt like we were working outdoors! I also had to help plan and organise the company Christmas party and ended up throwing a Great Gatsby themed prohibition event. We kitted out the bar venue with DIY props, a personalised video and personalised posters so everyone was involved.

Wishing you all a prosperous 2016 and a very happy, fun-filled year!

Best wishes,

Kekidoll xoxo

Polaroids taken on my birthday

Birthday Shinanigans 2015

For my birthday this year I spent a whole week celebrating. I literally had cake starting from Monday through to Sunday… Unbelievable! My birthday landed on hump day (25th Nov) and thus I invited a few people to dinner for some yummy soupy noodles 😁

The birthday dinner gang
The birthday dinner gang

I wanted to go try out a new place in Chinatown called Viet Food but they had a large booking already and couldn’t accommodate us. I was their recommend Cay Tre in soho who had space. Most of us ordered Pho and others Bun. I had the Hanoi Garlicky Beef Pho which was spey yummy and actually had more flavour in the base than other pho I had in the past. The stock wasn’t oily at all and was bold. I really enjoyed it! The beef was tender and not so chewy. The noodles were delicious! Small thin straps that broke apart as you chew. Mmmmmm!
BBQ Pork Loin with Vermicelli
BBQ Pork Loin with Vermicelli

More bun
More bun

Hanoi Beef Pho
Hanoi Beef Pho

My friend also ordered Ox cheek which melted in you mouth. The meat was so soft! I guess it’s similar to a fish’s cheek which is the softest part of the meat.

Afterwards there was cake! (thank you Dee & Gen 💕) I could not believe the size of it! There was so much fruit covering the beautiful sponge. I love Chinese cream cakes, they da best!

Birthday girl
I loved my cake! There was so much fruit on/in it!

Once food was chowed down, some of us headed to the arcade and others went home, tired from a long days work. We played the usual Pump It Up machine and Taiko Drums. I haven’t been in so long I feel rusty… I’m able to play level 10 songs on PIP ok so I may stay challenging myself to level 12/13s next 😁 For taiko, I didn’t know to many of the songs but I remember playing it on the wii(?). The arcade version is rather hard drive you had to almost smash the drum, causing my hands to cramp up after playing. It huuuurt! But was fun 😆
My birthday cake
My birthday cake

Would you recommend any songs to pay on Taiko, Pump or DJ Max Technika?

Until next time!
Kekidoll xoxo

Polaroids taken on my birthday
All the Polaroids taken on my birthday
The Breakfast Club - London Bridge

Breakfast Club Review: London Bridge

I headed to the Breakfast Club in London Bridge with a few colleagues during lunch. The place was packed and we ended up queuing for around 15-20 minutes, which wasn’t so bad.  The service was very fast and the staff were super friendly too! We even chatted about having different flavoured milkshakes and that they needed to include a signature Oreo milkshake! mmm…*drools*

The Breakfast Club - London Bridge
The Breakfast Club Sign

Deciding on which dish to choose
Outside waiting for our table. What to choose, what to choose!

We were all super hungry but I always find it hard to order due to the fact that at I want to eat everything available on the menu… I ended up picking Eggs Royale which Krystal has last time, plus a breakfast tea to help me warm up as I’d been ill earlier in the week.
Eggs Royale
Eggs Royale: Poached Eggs with Salmon and Holladaise Sauce with a side helping of potatoes

The Full Monty
The Full Monty: bacon, sausage, black pudding, eggs, home-style fried potatoes, mushrooms, beans, grilled tomato and toasted multigrain bloomer

The food was delicious! Eggs Royale comes with a poached egg on a muffin, smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce on top. I added an extra helping of potatoes on the side since I was super hungry. I thought the smoked salmon was very smokey which made it a lot more salty. However the hollandaise sauce countered it and accompanied the dish really well.

The English Tea came with a mini milk glass which was so cute! I was told to steal it… I didn’t. Maybe next time… (lol).

Breakfast Tea
My breakfast tea with a cute mini milk bottle

So that was my second time visiting the Breakfast Club and I’m sure I’ll be going again in the near future. It’s so tasty!

Photo at Breakfast Cluib
Group Photo!

Have you been to the breakfast club? Which meal should I try out next?

All my love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Enigma Escapees

Enigma Escape: The immersive experience game

Enigma Escape recently opened up in London this month. They offer immersive escape games for groups of 2-5 people. Your group has 60 minutes to escape the locked room or forever be locked in there. Filled with lots of mind boggling puzzles, you’ll really find time fly by trying to decipher the clues.

The business was missing a sum of money to startup. Thus they opened it to the members of the public to donate funds towards their Kickstarter campaign. I thought it’d be a good opportunity to gather a group of friends to challenge our minds together! So I booked a 5-player package that came with a backers medal and name on a brick for the Founders Wall.

My friends and I managed to agree to the date of 19th July (it was so hard to get everyone together!) and we wandered to their place 3 minutes from Holloway Road station. As you enter you’re greeted by a friendly host, ours was Sam (one of the founders), who explained to us about the escape game in the comfort of their briefing room, equipped with snacks and comfy beanbags.

Next we knew we were locked inside a cage room and had to find our way out in under 60 minutes! We were stumped on a lot of the puzzles which made some of us worried that we weren’t gonna make it! Luckily we managed to escape with 7 minutes to spare and left with a collectors medal and holding our heads high. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to attend more!

Enigma Escapees
Made it with 7 mins to spare!

I would totally recommended it to those who love puzzles and a challenge! We all want to find more to play now.

Would you try something like this?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo


Update: Sorry that I haven’t been posting. My phone has been stolen and thus I’ve lost all my photos, most which I wanted to use for blog posts. I’m therefore resorting to normal blogging without images for the time being until I can get back on track!

Chilli Ramen

Kannada-Ya: Ramen Restaurant in London

Kannada-Ya is a small Japanese ramen bar that has branches in Japan, London, UK and Hong Kong.

The one I visited was 8 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road Station in London and was very easy to find; although Google Map was very helpful due to all the road works happening in the area.

The restaurant has a similar take to other no-booking restaurants where the seating is limited and revolves around a fast-food like service. However, they don’t force you to leave even though there’s a queue formed outside. The patrons waiting outside will just be staring at you through the window though…

The menu is very limited and isn’t vegetarian friendly as everything is made with pork. The original ramen is thinly sliced pieces of Cha siu (bbq flavoured pork), some mu shu (fungus), nori (seaweed sheet) and spring onions (standard). Then there are three other options of adding beanshoots, making it spicy or changing the pork belly to the pork collar meat (less fatty).

Original Ramen
Original Pork Ramen

I picked the original to try and the cha siu melted in my mouth.  It was very succulent and not rough at all! However you only get a few slices which wasn’t enough for my appetite. The pork bone broth was delicious and very flavoursome but the starch from the noodles made the broth murky and started to get thick, adding a milky flavour to the soup.
Chilli Ramen
Chilli Ramen

There are also other sides and extra ramen if you have extra broth left over and still feeling hungry!

Website: www.kanada-ya.com

I want to try out more! Would you recommend any restaurants in London?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Kaichi Fieldtrip 2015

At Bournton-on-the-Water
Every year myself and a group of friends would attend a Japanese high school culture exchange programme in London for 5 days. This programme is part of their curriculum where they have to travel to England to practice their English, as well as sight see and conduct a presentation to their group leader (me).
My group at the model village
I found the experience fun and I also met a lot of new friends including other students who weren’t part of my group.
At Hampton Court Gardens
Sometimes it was hard to communicate as some students had lower understanding of English than others which meant I needed to be a lot patient with them to think about their answers.  Us group leaders tried to play all sorts of games with the students such as hangman, Mafia (they loved this), wink murder, uno, card games, Chadrades, observational games etc. These helped us build rapport with the students and engage with them to use English.
Mucking around
We went to a few attractions in London for a couple of days. These included Bournton-on-the-Water,  a lovely little English village that was the home of Brum the little car. The National Gallery, British Museum and Hampton Court. I think Bournton-on-the-Water was the most loved as it captures the beauty of England at best.
Lunch time!
At the farewell party we played some mini games including Bingo and Sumo Clap. Afterwards, it was a photo taking session with all the students and at the end they were all singing One Direction’s We’re on fire.

Tee hee hee
Tee hee hee

It was a lovely evening with lots of tears and cried of joy.
Saying out farewells
Many happy memories were made on this trip and I hope to see my group again soon near the end of the year ^^
Purdy Coaches
Have you thought of visiting Japan? Where would be your top places to visit?

With love ,


Platter for 2

Bodeans. A meat feast fit for a king.

So for Manni’s birthday we all were invited to Bodeans for dinner.  Bodeans is a BBQ meat shack that boasts delicious barbecued meats in hearty portions. So if you’re a hungry hippo or feeling extra hungry, the this is the place for you.
The menu
The decor inside has a western ranch-like feel to it. With hanging wall ornaments to antler lamps.
Antler Lamps
Restaurant Decor
As a group of 5, we ordered a dish each and a platter for 2 one (sidejoke) to share between us. The meal was absolutely delicious and we managed to devour the whole table of food. I think we consumed too much salt for one evening though…
Ready for their meal
And without further adieu, I present you the glorious meats. Which I like to call foodporn. You should look away now if you’re a herbivore…
Honeycomb Milkshakes

Beef Ribs

Baby Rack of Ribs

Platter for 2
Our platter for “1”

Steak with Sweet Potato Frites

Our Bodeans Meal
Our Bodeans Meal

Where’s your best BBQ shack?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

Brunch at The Breakfast Club

Heard of them before but had never been. I was intrigued and thought I’d go check it out. This restaurant only serves American and English styled breakfast meals fit to fill tummy of hungry passer bys.

I had the All American Breakfast which came with a heart portion of pancakes and Canadian maple syrup.  Mmm!

It was really tasty and the place was so busy. The bacon was crispy, the pancakes were moist and I loved their potatoes. Everything is very filling here for a reasonable price. I would love to come back and try out the rest of the menu!



Virgin Apple Mojito
All American Breakfast
Salmon Poached Eggs


Have you been to the Breakfast Club before? Where do you enjoy was ring breakfast?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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