2013 the Beginnings of a New Year


I would usually spend the new year at home with my family watching TV and possibly playing games on the console or the PC. It would normally be rather bland as nothing really goes on in the village aside from a few random strangers getting drunk and yelling at the middle of the night. There was one particular year where I spent it at a house party sitting on the sofa of a crowded room texting people “Happy New Year!” But not really drunk…

The end of 2012 was spent with my friends in London celebrating two special people’s birthday. We went wall climbing at Arch Climbing Wall in Bermondsey which was our second time there. The place is an indoor climbing center with a wide range of climbing levels suitable for beginners and intermediate levels. It was a lot of fun and I manage to accomplish a few walls that I hadn’t managed to complete the first time I was there, so I was really pleased with myself and amazed at my upper body strength. I think the trick to being able to climb inclined walls or propel yourself to rocks that are taller than you is to do it without hesitation. I found the faster I moved and acted upon instinct, the quicker I was able to climb to the top if the wall. Although, I found coming back down was a lot harder since I wasn’t able to see where I was standing and relied on my friends to help me. This didn’t end well as I ended up falling and bashing my knee on the wall. My knee has bruised a little and I have shaved off the top layer of my skin. It isn’t a pretty sight to look at but I’m sure it’ll heal over time. It just hurts when I bend my knee or when the fabric from my jeans makes contact with the bruised scab… Anyhoo! We all went to a local pub afterwards and had a Sunday roast since it was the only thing on the menu… However the list of the sides it came with was long and we were a little skeptical about if the dish was to come with all the items listed on the menu or if we were supposed to choose which we would like. When we went to order the lady told us that the dish came with the full list of vegetables mentioned, so we all didn’t think much of it and chatted while waiting for our food. We were all really hungry since we’ve been climbing and some of us hadn’t had food for the morning, but when the plates came out we were all so shocked because they were massive! Literally platter sized….

There was so much food!
There was so much food!

I was amazed at the amount of food and even though I’m not very fond of wasting food I wasn’t able to finish my plate as it was too much. My plate had half a piece of roast chicken, plus healthy portions of stuffing, cabbage, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, swede, fried parsnip and gravy. It was very tasty I must say and we plan on visiting again!

For the New Year I went out with my friend Dee to go shopping in central since she had what seemed like vouchers and gift cards for almost all the high street stores your could think of… We ended up going to Harrods first which was utterly expensive and I’m amazed people are able to afford items of clothing in there without hesitation upon purchase (I dream one day that will be me). Some of the items didn’t even have price tags! We were going to buy a box of macaroons but decided against it (I told her that I’ll learn to make them and will bake some for her) so she bought Clincques Smile perfume box set that came in a pretty make-up bag with the perfume, a travel size version and a body lotion all for the price of the normal perfume bottle! She had a gift voucher on her too which meant she only had to pay a third of the retail price. Bargain!

After using the gift voucher she set out to use, we headed over to regent street so I could buy a HeatTech top from UniQlo. I am in love with their HeatTech Technology clothing as it really keeps me warm without me overheating under the layers. They had a range of different colours but usually the patterned tops are bland and have duller colours; possibly to do with the material. So far I’ve bought a spotted tee and a long sleeved stripy top. Next I would like to buy some leggings to keep myself warm if I decide to wear a dress :)

Our last stop was Primark as Dee wanted to splurge out on some new clothes and dress up her wardrobe in formal work wear. I’m quite lucky and thankful that I’m still able to wear anything I like to work, be it a funky costume or brightly coloured clothing (granted there are no client meetings that day). I ended up buying some tops, two pairs of flats with cute bows on them (very comfortable!), leggings, adorable fox patterned socks, and some argon oil. I thought I had spent a lot but Dee had spent much much more! But I think the stuff she picked out was nice and not something she bought because it was cheap. I’ve stopped doing that myself now since I find I don’t actually wear those pieces of clothing. I find it hard to stop impulse buying though… Do any of you? How have you all spent your New Years and the last days of 2012?

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